Apple iPhone 6 Class-A Replica from China, Leaked Months Before The Original's Arrival

Apple hasn't even given any hint whatsoever to the actual existence of its much-anticipated new flagship smartphone -- but that didn't stop at least one gadget-clone-maker in China from leaking its latest and greatest masterpiece.

Apple iPhone 6 Replica, Apple iPhone 6 Clone

Based merely on Apple iPhone 6 dummy photos posted online by TechnoBuffalo and Jimmy Lin, this supposed 'working' Class-A Replica - photographed beside a Samsung Galaxy S3 and leaked via runs an operating system with home screen interface that looks almost exactly like that of iOS 8.

Apple iPhone 6 Replica, Apple iPhone 6 Clone

Design-wise, the "high-end" clone appears to have the same anodized aluminum shell of the dummies replete with white bands or accents on either poles as well as a chrome-plated Apple logo at the back.

Apple iPhone 6 Replica, Apple iPhone 6 Clone

And clearly meticulously crafted, this China-only replica features machine-drilled holes and grooves for the loud speaker, the volume buttons and the silent switch, and flaunts what looks like a Touch ID sensor on the home button just like the original Apple iPhone 5S.

Apple iPhone 6 Replica, Apple iPhone 6 Clone
Not expecting any of its features to be anywhere near the original, but I have to admit this clone looks quite cute. Heck, if the genuine article ends up looking like this copy (ok -- that sounds weird), I'll be happy guy.

But when is the real Apple iPhone 6 arriving, anyway? "Apple insiders" are saying that the Cupertino company will most likely hold just one major event on September 19 for the formal unveiling of all its new mobile devices this year, which include two versions of the new generation iPhone (i.e., the regular 4.7-inch 'iPhone 6' and what some are calling the 'iPhone Air' 5.5-inch phablet), the iPad Air 2, the iPad Mini 3, and completely redesigned 6th Generation iPod Touch.

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