Naruto Manga 495 SCANS, Spoilers - Confirmed

Naruto Manga 495 is out. Scans courtesy of Mangastream.

STATUS: Confirmed Spoiler

STATUS: Incomplete ~ Confirmed
Source: Ohana
Translator: pokeballs

Bee and Naruto become friends.
Bee: Dattebayo, go to the Waterfall of Truths. You’ll be fine as you are now.
Naruto VS Dark Naruto
Naruto says “You are also me” and embraces his dark self and it’s settled.
At the place where Bee lead Naruto… next week Naruto VS Kyuubi.

STATUS: Pending Confirmation
Source: 2ch
Translator: Sensei-Q

~Motoi and Bee fist bump eachother.~
Naruto: (And I like that thanks to everyone who comes to
the relationship with my people in the village.)
Original Darkness(<-Dark Naruto?) -(ostensibly behind you might as
well up to now)
Naruto (!)
Yamato: "What's the matter, Naruto?"
Naruto: "… No, I want to continue with the training…"
Bee "… Ne Hajimara ä¿¡Jinakya the first strangers."
Naruto: "…"
~Sitting in front of the waterfall~
Naruto: "Do not you believe me everyone? That …"
Dark Naruto: "could not believe they deserve,
they did terrible things to me up untill now."
Naruto: "You can make one by Dattebayo deafening!" <–???
Naruto: "The bond that I have with team 7!"
Dark Naruto: "Why do you want Sasuke back?
''Sakura and Sasuke … why do you keep bothering with them?"
Naruto: "What to say …"
Dark Naruto: "Now, team 7 … it fell apart …"
Dark Naruto "Sakura has even a harder time thinking of
me no matter great my …"
Naruto: "No … Stop …"
Dark Naruto "desire to save Sasuke,
but no matter how committed I am she still hates me."
Naruto: "No … Stop … "Why is it so painful? Why would they hate me?!"
Naruto: "No no No no no!"
~Naruto kneels~
Dark Naruto: "I am a part of you. Your dark part."
~Naruto knees with his face down, crying in the darkness~
Megumi Ra is tapping my shoulder like that Naruto, <—???
(the same missions we regain Megumi Ra) <—???
~Naruto looks up and around him are Shizune, Tsunade, Naruto and Naruto, Sai, Yamato
and synchronization and Dolphins! <—???
~Calling and waving to him~
~Naruto and Jiraiya are running~ "You will find the answer, Naruto."
Minato: And they will be running more, "I believe in Naruto."
~Sakura and Kakashi are running.~
Pieces will recall the memories of the two? <—???
Sasuke is looking beyond the figure of Sakura/kakashi.
Naruto: We turned a blind eye.
Naruto (That's right … I I forgot something important)
Naruto: Breaking the shell of darkness.
Dark Naruto: "Why?"
Naruto: "You're talking to someone completely different! It's not hard to hate me."
Naruto: "it does feel tight on my chest and it's painful…but it's not something
you call hate."
Dark naruto: "?"
Naruto: "I have this pain within me because I love everybody! Painful because I love!"
Naruto: "Everybody believes in me, and I believe them too!"
Naruto: "I am is Uzumaki Naruto!"
Dark naruto: "And what?/So what?''
~Naruto formed Rasengan and defeated Dark Naruto.
~Naruto falls back~
Naruto: "I did it! Uncle of octopus!" ~bumps fists~
~Bee returns with a smile after bumping his fist~

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