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Naruto Manga 497 is out! Here are the scans courtesy of MangaStream:

Credits: id 3an1ygkk0 @2ch
Translation by Poisok2

At the bottom of the Kyuubi’s hatred… Naruto meets Kushina!!!”

With bees supports naruto fights against 9b
Bee tells naruto if u get into 9bs mind with my backup
and seize the source of chakra from 9bs mind u can use the b-jyu chakra as ur own power. and it will be urs forever.

Inside 9bs mind using gigantic rasengan, rasen shuriken etc naruto manages to get to the front of the chakra and gets caught by 9bs hatred which is huger than expected. there yami naruto emerges again. Yamato n co support naruto and yaminaruto shouts at naruto to go away and vanish.
Then someone says ‘no. u can stay here, naruto’
Its kushina. —To be continued.

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Confirmed spoiler for Naruto Manga 497 is not yet out. In the meantime, you may read this well-written prediction by Saiyaman:

STATUS: Naruto 497 Prediction
Written by: Saiyaman

Naruto 497: Breaking the chain

[Scene shows Yamato looking at Killerbee and Naruto]

Yamato: This is a little….extreme. I never imagined that something like this will help Naruto control the Nine Tails.

[Bee opens his eyes a little but keeps his hand with Naruto]

Yamato: What’s going on in there?

KillerBee: Ah sorry ’bout that. My power isn’t the deal to help nail it flat.

Yamato: [with a straight face] Erm….come again?

[There's an awkward pause]

KillerBee: Right….I haven’t been able to help the boy. He’s on his own now.

Yamato: Does he have a chance? We can still stop this….

KillerBee: Nah. The kid’s got it in him to keep going. I reckon he should win and start celebratin’. We gotta wait. This ain’t a joke.

Yamato: [thinks] I wonder if I can manage to control him if the Nine Tails takes over…I didn’t sign up for this….Oh boy…

[Scene switches to Naruto in his mind]

[Naruto and the Nine Tails are still trying to pull each other towards the other. The Nine Tails has an angry and frustrated expression as Naruto does his best to match it's strength with his chakra.]

Naruto: Yeah you stupid fox. It’s finally about time someone taught you who’s the master.

Kyuubi: [Glares] Don’t you dare take that tone with me boy. If it wasn’t for me, you would be dead ten times over by now. [Growls and tears apart Naruto's attempt to cover it with his chakra again] Just be grateful that you were lucky enough to have me inside you.

Naruto: Haven’t you noticed yet? If we don’t work together, which you don’t want to, then Uchiha Madara will never be defeated. [creates two clones somehow and begins pulling again]

Kyuubi: Hah! I have no intention to go near one feet of that cursed Sharingan. You’re on your own boy. As soon as I gain control of you, I’ll be free and never be controlled again!

Naruto: I don’t care. [The Kyuubi looks shocked and angry. Naruto closes his eyes and a strange chakra starts to envelop him] Whether you want to or not, you will submit to me your power or….[Naruto opens his eyes and shows that he's in Sage Mode] you will go down with me.

Kyuubi: We’ll see about that brat. Once I win this useless fight, you will be begging me to save you like you did time and time again. Who was it who cried like a kid in front of me? Who was it who gave you the power to make your childish dreams a reality?

Naruto: …..

Kyuubi: You can’t answer fool. It’s because this has been a chain of events time and time again. You think you can avoid me and control me but in the end you come back to me whining for power.

Naruto: I have an answer [Sage chakra strengthens Naruto's hold over the Kyuubi and it starts looking a little apprehensive]

Kyuubi: [Looks at it's bonds and laughs] Senjutsu…you’ve come a long way, Naruto [pauses]. But it’s not enough. You aren’t worthy to control me. Let go already brat!

Naruto: The Fourth Hokage who defeated your so-called power [Kyuubi's eyes go scarlet] entrusted it to me in the hope of defeating the masked man he fought a long time ago. Unfortunately for you, he happens to be my father, so I will force you to show me respect if needed.

[The balance breaks as the Kyuubi is forced inch by inch towards Naruto]

Kyuubi: Grr…!!

Naruto: [shouts] The evil inside me which you relished has now been vanquished! I intend on using your power to create peace in the Ninja world whether you like it or not!

Kyuubi: [tries to pull back but is only able to stop Naruto's pressure]

Naruto: [with a steely glint in his eyes] I have overcome what was, and I will now overcome what will be. I’ am the true master now.

Kyuubi: [laughs] Nothing apart from that cursed Uchiha has ever controlled me. You a little kid, control my power? I admit you were pretty strong in destroying your older self but all you have been throughout your life is a total failure!

Naruto: What do you mean? You’re grasping for straws.

Kyuubi: Grahahahahaha!

Naruto: [shouts] Stop that silly laugh and tell me your stupid excuse!

Kyuubi: [the demon fox cloak appears and starts to corrode the Sage Chakra away] Excuse? This is the truth. Hahahaha!

Naruto: [with a straight face] You aren’t saying anything…

Kyuubi: Your thoughts always come down here Naruto. I know everything. [laughs] What about one of your life’s goals which you have failed in? What about that cursed Uchiha brat? Sasuke was that…..?

Naruto: [expression is still blank] And?

Kyuubi: I remember that you were head over heels in trying to save him. Must have let him go to his inevitable death. One Uchiha down, what’s the difference? [laughs]

Naruto: Sasuke has changed–

Kyuubi: I don’t care kid. Just like you. Madara won’t keep that kid alive much longer anyway. His plan centers around the death of your friend.

Naruto: What do you mean?

Kyuubi: Oh what do we have here? Could it be that you are trying to ask me something? Or perhaps beg? Release me kid. I’ll tell you everything I know. I know the last secret of Madara.

Naruto: That–! [is interrupted by the arrival of the spirit of the toad key]

Kyuubi: What is this?

Toad: I’ am the key Minato created to hold you Kyuubi. Must say….you’re huge! [turns to Naruto] I know you still want to save that Sasuke boy, but get over it. It’s not worth it.

Naruto: I know. Everything has been decided. Sasuke cannot be reasoned with by words.

Toad: That’s good. And in case you want a hint, this is just the other half of the Kyuubi.

Naruto: [with a stupid face] Huh?

Kyuubi: You! How dare you–

Toad: Your father sealed only the Yin half of the Kyuubi into you. The other half….is well up to you. My job is done here [laughs at the Kyuubi and vanishes]

Naruto: [slowly smiles as sudden realization dawns on his face] Well. Looks like we have a deal Nine Tails.

Kyuubi: Huh? What deal? Have you become insane boy? [Is startled to notice that Naruto has dragged it even closer]

Naruto: Do you want to become a..failure yourself and stay “incomplete”?

Kyuubi: You will pay for that insult boy!

Naruto: So it all comes down to this. You lend me your co-operation and I will help you regain your other half. I’ll defeat Uchiha Madara.

Kyuubi: And what if I refuse?

Naruto: I’ll do it anyway. [Sage chakra envelops Naruto stronger than before and the Kyuubi struggles in panic as it edges closer towards Naruto]

[Scene switches to Yamato and Killerbee]
[Naruto suddenly begins to glow with the hint of Sage chakra along with the glow of the demon fox cloak]

Killerbee: [snatches his hands away as his hands begin to burn] Whoo! That was hot! He’s so safe not!

Yamato: What’s happening?

Killerbee: [raises his hands in a victory sign] It won’t be long Eight-O! The kid is finally on the winning side now.

[Inner Hachibi voice: I only hope you aren't being overconfident this time]

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  1. hey that is an exciting spoiler, i like it.
    maybe can be truth. xD

  2. too big to a only manga

  3. Too long to cover in 1 chapter Manga. anyway, good prediction. So imaginative but it looks like itll be in a different way. hehe!