Pebble Watch Philippines : Where to Buy One? What's So Cool About Pebble?

This morning, TP Friend Aran Jose Domingcil tweeted me a question about the availability of Pebble Smartwatches in the Philippines.

Pebble Smartwatch Philippines

He wanted to know where he can purchase the product locally.

Pebble Smartwatch Philippines

If it's your first time to hear about it (hopefully, not), Pebble could well be considered as the first smartwatch to achieve tremendous success worldwide.

Pebble Smartwatch Philippines

A record-breaking product of a Kickstarter project, Pebble connects to iPhone and Android devices via Bluetooth, alerting the user with subtle vibration whenever there are incoming calls, emails and messages, among others. And as you can see in these photos by LinusTechTips, the Pebble Watch flaunts a minimalist yet fashionable design identity that seamlessly blends into everyday life.

Pebble Smartwatch Philippines
It does so, so much more than just tell the time.

There are three things I love about this watch.

First, I find its design and ergonomics very attractive and practical. I'm not really a fan of gadgets having too many complicated embellishments or buttons. In fact, this device only has three buttons on the right panel for navigating interface on the 1.26 inch e-Ink display or for playing music tracks.

Pebble Smartwatch Philippines

I also like that it's flat so it's not too bulky or it doesn't protrude when I'm wearing it with long-sleeved buttoned-down shirts. Also, if you notice, even if the design of the watch is very simple, it's still very eye-catching because of the thick front frame with scratch-resistant coating that makes it look fun and interesting.

Pebble Smartwatch Philippines

Second, it works like a fitness band. It pairs with fitness and health applications for this platform like RunKeeper and JawboneUP, to track your activity. Run, walk, bike, sleep, or swim with this water-resistant watch -- and you can expect Pebble to keep track of it all.

Pebble Smartwatch Philippines
The wrist strap is made of TPU rubber or silicone (only for the White variant). To clean the pair, simply wipe with a soft, moistened cloth; if necessary, use isopropyl alcohol, or water with a mild detergent.

Finally, I like that it's very easy to use and it has 7 days of uptime. Just download the partner application on your Android or iOS device, click on the virtual button to pair, and you're good to go. From the app, you can tweak your Pebble's settings and choose the alerts or notifications you want to get. There are other watches that do the same thing but a lot of them will only stay on for a day and a half maximum before requiring another full charge. Pebble's energy-efficient e-Ink display and simple non-specs intensive interface give you up to a week of battery life.

Pebble Smartwatch Philippines

Aran, Pebble watches are currently available in the Philippines via Kimstore, my trusted online store. I believe they're now selling it for Php 6,500 per unit. For more information about this product, feel free to give Kim's staff a ring at 0917-5038887, 0922-8859799, 0908-8869799, or 02-9042966. Mention 'TechPinas' when you're making a purchase, who knows, you just might get a small discount.

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