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Western Digital My Passport Ultra 4TB Price in the Philippines is Php 10,200

Is your laptop always running out of storage space, which slows down your system terribly? Are you...
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Jaguar Powerbank Price is Php 550 at Kimstore : Has 10,050 mAh Capacity, Big Flashlight

I just want to show you one of my favorite powerbanks currently. This one I think is perfect for ...
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"The Philippines is Very Important for Asus" - Jerry Shen, Asus CEO

Taiwanese tech giant Asus only started selling ZenFone models in the Philippines a couple of yea...
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Kimstore Samsung Galaxy Note7 Package Comes with Lots of Freebies

"Mark, as much as I can, I want to give my customers freebies every time they purchase a premiu...
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Weather Philippines Updates App and Website To Help Pinoys Be Weather-Wiser

Will you be going out of town three days from now and you want to know what the weather will be lik...
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Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Price Starts at Only $135 USD or Php 6,250

Xiaomi may have already mellowed down its operations in a few markets around the world - including...
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Samsung Galaxy Note7 Exploded While Charging, But Is The Company To Blame?

The Galaxy Note7 has just been released globally - I mean, it hasn't been out for more than two...
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O+ USA Opens Online Store in the Philippines, Gives Freebies to Buyers

Are you thinking about buying a smartphone or a hybrid device from O+ USA but you don't have t...
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