Philips EasyKey DDL709-FVP-7HWS Smart Door Lock Lets You Enjoy The Future of Home Security Today

Philips has recently introduced a groundbreaking solution that redefines home security and convenience, the Philips Easykey DDL709-FVP-7HWS push-pull door lock.

This innovative smart door lock combines advanced features, including 3D facial recognition, real-time communication, and enhanced security measures, to offer homeowners a touchless, future-proof, and ultra-secure door opening experience.

Philips Easykey DDL709-FVP-7HWS

Touchless Entry with 3D Facial Recognition

The highlight of the Philips DDL709-FVP-7HWS is its cutting-edge 3D facial recognition technology. 
As you approach the doorway, the dual cameras simulate human eye imaging to capture dynamic features on people's faces effectively. Once you are within 1 meter of the door, the AMS sensor triggers facial recognition authentication. Upon successful authentication, the latch bolt retracts automatically, granting you access to your home without the need for any additional actions.

This touchless unlocking feature not only adds a layer of convenience to your daily routine but also 
ensures a swift and secure entry into your home.

Real-time Connectivity with Wi-Fi

Stay connected with your home at all times through the Philips mobile app, which seamlessly integrates with the DDL709-FVP-7HWS via Wi-Fi connection. By binding the app, you can monitor the lock access history, remotely send temporary PIN codes, and even view the real-time situation at your door by simply tapping the video button. This level of connectivity provides homeowners with unparalleled control and awareness, enhancing overall security.

Remote Visible Intercom for Instant Communication

The DDL709-FVP-7HWS goes beyond traditional doorbells with its remote visible intercom feature. When a visitor presses the doorbell, a notification is instantly sent to your mobile app. Tapping the message box allows you to initiate an intercom session, providing real-time communication with the person at your door. Even if you miss the initial connection, the lock records a video, and you can review visitor information through historical messages.

Security Features for Peace of Mind

The Philips Easykey smart door lock prioritizes security day and night with dual verification through PIR motion detection. The AI humanoid detection algorithm identifies abnormal dynamics, capturing photos or videos instantly and sending encrypted messages to the app to keep you informed and secure.
Additional security features include a hidden fingerprint sensor, multiple alert functions (anti-dismantling, system locking, low battery level, and abnormal bolt), and a C-grade lock cylinder. The latter employs multiple anti-theft technologies, ensuring a technical lock-picking time exceeding 270 minutes, reinforcing the lock's security measures.

Convenience Redefined

The DDL709-FVP-7HWS not only focuses on security but also on enhancing the overall convenience of your smart home. The 4-inch IPS screen on the indoor escutcheon provides a clear view of the doorway, allowing you to monitor the situation with ease. Adjust screen brightness and sleep mode timeouts effortlessly through the mobile app.

Prepare your home for the future with the wireless network extension, making it ready for upcoming smart life advancements. The indoor infrared sensor unlock adds another layer of convenience -- simply touch the handle, and the door unlocks when the infrared sensor detects obstruction.

Experience the reassurance of auto-locking with the fully automatic mortise. After successful verification by fingerprint or PIN code, the door unlocks effortlessly, and the bolts retract automatically. Receive alerts if the door is not securely locked, eliminating the hassle of manual locking.

The Philips Easykey DDL709-FVP-7HWS push-pull door lock is a remarkable addition to the realm of smart home security. Its advanced features, including 3D facial recognition, real-time connectivity, and enhanced security measures, make it a standout choice for homeowners seeking a seamless and secure door opening experience. Embrace the future of home security and convenience with Philips Easykey -unlock the possibilities with a touchless and intelligent approach to door access.

Philips EasyKey DDL709-FVP-7HWS Smart Door Lock

Rechargeable Battery

The rechargeable lithium battery ensures long-lasting power, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements and contributing to cost savings over time. With its sleek design and user-friendly interface, the Philips Easykey DDL709-FVP-7HWS Smart Door Lock stands as an excellent investment for those seeking a secure, modern, and energy-efficient solution for home access control.

Price and Availability in the Philippines

The Philips Easykey DDL709-FVP-7HWS Smart Door Lock is available at the official suggested retail price of PHP 50,000 in the Philippines, offering a premium security solution for homeowners. 

Interested buyers can find the Philips Easykey DDL709-FVP-7HWS at all Larx Trading's Philips EasyKey stores nationwide, ensuring widespread availability for consumers across the country. You may also send inquiries about this product directly to Larx Trading here.

Larx Trading's commitment to making innovative home security solutions easily accessible makes it convenient for customers to experience the benefits of this state-of-the-art smart door lock, combining technology, style, and peace of mind in one comprehensive package.

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