TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Special Edition Price, Specs, Initial Review, Unboxing, Actual Photos

TECNO POVA, the renowned global smartphone line that caters to avid tech and gaming enthusiasts, has joined forces with Free Fire, the highly acclaimed mobile battle royale game created by Garena, to release a special edition series of handsets.

This collaboration is expected to result in the extensive customization of the entire TECNO POVA 5 Series (including POVA 5, POVA 5 Pro 5G, and POVA NEO 3) to deliver a superior and captivating user experience. By leveraging this partnership, TECNO POVA aims to equip users with top-notch devices that provide exceptional performance and an immersive gaming environment.

Join me in unboxing one of the first retail packages of the much awaited TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Special Edition, which has a shockingly low suggested retail price starting at only around $150 USD or roughly PHP 8,300 before taxes. Prices of this model, however, will vary depending on the region. Stay tuned for the announcement of its official SRP and exact release date in the Philippines.

TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Special Edition

TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Special Edition Unboxing and Package Contents

The TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Special Edition stands out from other smartphones with its distinctive and unconventional packaging design.

TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Special Edition

Unlike the typical rectangular boxes commonly seen in the industry, this special edition is packaged in a visually striking triangular form. Adding to its charm, the package includes an additional sleeve that showcases an image of the handset model enclosed within, along with a prominent depiction of a character from Garena's renowned game, Free Fire.

POVA Series remains dedicated to its core strengths, emphasizing three key selling points that set it apart: Robust Power System, Advanced Processors, and High Refresh Rate. These essential features create a golden triangle of exceptional hardware capabilities, symbolized by the unique triangular packaging of the smartphone.

At the bottom part of the outer sleeve, you will see a list of TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Special Edition's key technical specifications, which include the Helio G99 6nm Processor, the 6.78-inch FHD+ Display with 120Hz Refresh Rate, the 50MP AI Camera, and the 6,000 mAh Battery with 45W Smart Charge support.

TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Special Edition

Removing the "Free Fire" outer sleeve, we are greeted by the standard TECNO Pova 5 box design.

The name of the smartphone model is prominently printed on upper part of the triangular pack. What's interesting here is that the box opens from the bottom part, which means that the handset's glass touchscreen must be facing down during shipment. Quite odd, if you ask me.

The official TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Special Edition retail package includes the unit itself, the USB Type C charging cable, the 45W Travel Charger, wired earphones, the warranty card, the metal pin for ejecting the SIM card tray, Free Fire Sticker Set, and the voucher card for Free Fire game freebies that you can download when you buy this handset.

TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Special Edition

Design Check

For me, one the strongest selling points of TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Special Edition would have to be its dowright handsome and eye-catching design identity.

The POVA 5 smartphone sets itself apart with its striking and captivating Mecha-inspired design. The device boasts a 3D aesthetic that closely resembles the appearance of a real Mecha, the mechanical and futuristic robots often seen in science fiction. This design element gives the phone a visually dynamic and futuristic appeal, allowing users to make a bold statement wherever they go.

TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Special Edition

With its lifelike 3D Mecha Design, the POVA 5 exudes an aura of sophistication and uniqueness. The intricate details and cool color patterns further enhance the overall aesthetic, adding an extra layer of visual appeal to the device. The incorporation of Turbo Stripes further reinforces the Mecha-inspired theme, conveying a sense of speed and power.

TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Special Edition

The flat sides and curved corners of TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Special Edition are lined with this thick silver metallic accent that perfectly complements the Mecha-inspired back panel of the handset, for a polished and sleek industrial look.

TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Special Edition

Let me give you a rundown of the buttons and ports placement on the device.

On the left side, you will find the tray for the the Dual nanoSIM Card and Dedicated microSD Card slots, which can be ejected using the provided metal pin.

The volume rocker and power button that incorporates a fingerprint scanner are both located in the right panel.

TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Special Edition

There's not a lot on the top panel aside from the two holes for one of the loudspeakers.

Finally, at the rear, there's the 3.5mm combo jack, the microphone pinhole, the USB Type C charging port, and a row of holes for the other loudspeaker.

TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Special Edition

Overall, I think that whether you're using the POVA 5 for work or leisure, its Mecha-inspired design ensures that you'll stand out from the crowd. The device itself serves as a fashionable accessory, reflecting your individual style and passion for cutting-edge technology. With the POVA 5's eye-catching appearance, you can confidently make a statement and showcase your personality wherever you go, setting yourself apart in both functionality and style.

TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Special Edition

Impressive Display at This Price Point

TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Special Edition flaunts an expansive and visually impressive display that truly elevates the user experience. With its generous 6.78-inch size, the screen provides ample real estate for immersive content consumption, gaming, and multitasking. The FHD+ (1080 x 2460 pixels) resolution ensures sharp and vibrant visuals, bringing your content to life with exceptional clarity and detail.

One of the standout features of the display is its remarkable 120Hz refresh rate, which is a real treat on a smartphone that costs only $150 USD! This high refresh rate ensures smooth and fluid on-screen transitions, making interactions with the device feel incredibly responsive and snappy. Whether you're scrolling through your social media feed, playing graphics-intensive games, or simply navigating through the interface, the 120Hz refresh rate delivers a noticeable improvement in the overall visual experience.

TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Special Edition

Despite its budget-friendly cost, this smartphone offers a display that is typically found in higher-end devices, making it a real treat for users who seek a premium viewing experience without breaking the bank. The combination of a large and crisp display, along with the smoothness provided by the 120Hz refresh rate, ensures that every visual detail is brought to life, enhancing your enjoyment of games, videos, and other multimedia content on the device.

TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Special Edition

Stellar 50MP AI Camera

TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Edition is equipped with an exceptional 50MP AI Camera that can truly elevate your mobile imaging experience, especially if you're coming from an older entry-level smartphone.

The 50MP resolution ensures that every shot is filled with stunning detail and clarity, allowing you to capture intricate textures and vibrant colors with remarkable precision. This high resolution provides ample room for cropping or zooming in without compromising the image quality, giving you the flexibility to explore creative compositions.

The standout feature of the 50MP AI Camera is its ability to intelligently recognize different types of subjects. Whether you're capturing landscapes, portraits, or close-up shots, the camera's AI capabilities enable it to understand the scene and make appropriate adjustments to the settings, ensuring optimal exposure, sharpness, and color accuracy. This eliminates the need for manual adjustments, making the TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Edition a reliable point-and-shoot camera for everyday use.

In well-lit environments with sufficient ambient light, the AI Camera truly shines. It leverages the available light to capture stunning photos with impressive dynamic range and minimal noise, resulting in visually pleasing images that accurately represent the scene's details and colors.

With the TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Edition's 50MP AI Camera, you can confidently rely on your smartphone to capture memorable moments and everyday experiences with exceptional quality. Whether you're an amateur photographer or simply looking to document your life, this powerful camera system ensures that you can effortlessly capture stunning images without the need for specialized photography knowledge or equipment.

TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Special Edition

Reliable Selfie Camera with LED Flash

This handset features an 8 MegaPixel front-facing camera that's strategically placed within a punch hole on the top of the display. This snapper is designed to capture stunning selfies with remarkable clarity and sharpness, especially in well-lit conditions. Whether you're taking solo or group selfies, the camera ensures that every detail is captured clearly, allowing you to showcase your best self.

What sets the front camera of the TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Edition apart is its ability to adapt to different lighting situations. In low-light or dark environments, the camera leverages the built-in LED flash and torchlight to provide adequate illumination, ensuring that your selfies retain clarity and brightness even in challenging lighting conditions. This feature is particularly useful when capturing photos in dimly lit settings or during nighttime events, allowing you to take stunning selfies regardless of the lighting conditions.

Additionally, the camera is equipped with TECNO's own customizable beautification software. This software allows you to enhance your selfies by applying various filters, adjustments, and touch-ups according to your preferences. You can effortlessly refine your skin tone, smooth out imperfections, and enhance facial features to achieve the desired look. This customization option ensures that you can capture selfies that are tailored to your individual style and aesthetic preferences.

TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Special Edition

Powerful Set of Internal Hardware For Handset In Its Price Bracket

TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Edition operates on the HIOS 13 customized Android 13 Operating System, providing a seamless and personalized user experience. Powering this smartphone is the fairly powerful 6nm 2.2GHz Octa-Core Mediatek MT8781 Helio G99 processor, enabling a smooth and enjoyable daily mobile experience. The Mali-G52 MC2 GPU ensures smooth and decent graphics performance when running popular games like Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Special Edition

The handset comes equipped with 8GB of RAM, providing ample memory for efficient multitasking and smooth performance. Additionally, the inclusion of up to 8GB MemFusion RAM Expansion, which borrows from the internal storage, further enhances the device's capability to handle resource-intensive applications and tasks effectively.

For storage, the TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Edition offers a generous 256GB of internal storage, providing more than enough space to store your files, photos, videos, and applications. Additionally, the device features a dedicated microSD slot, allowing for further expansion of storage capacity, so you can easily add a memory card to accommodate your growing data needs with sacrificing Dual SIM capability.

TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Special Edition

Huge Battery and 45W Fast Charging

TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Special Edition is powered by an exceptionally large 6,000 mAh Li-Po battery, surpassing the standard 5,000 mAh batteries commonly found in smartphones within its price range. This substantial battery capacity provides users with extended usage time and peace of mind, as it can easily last through a full day of intensive use without the need for frequent recharging. Even during extended periods away from power sources or when not carrying a power bank, users can rely on the TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Edition to keep them connected and entertained.

What sets this handset apart is its impressive charging capability. The inclusion of 45W Smart Charge technology ensures that users can quickly recharge their device. With a 50% charge achieved in just 21 minutes and a full 100% charge in 60 minutes, the TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Edition significantly reduces charging time. This feature is particularly useful for users on the go, allowing them to swiftly recharge their device and get back to enjoying their passions in life without being tied down by lengthy charging periods.

The combination of a large battery capacity and fast charging technology makes the TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Edition an ideal companion for users seeking a reliable and long-lasting smartphone experience. With its impressive battery life and rapid charging capability, users can confidently indulge in their favorite activities and passions without worrying about running out of power or experiencing prolonged downtime due to charging.

TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Special Edition

What's Special About TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Edition?

With the purchase of any device from the POVA 5 Series Special Edition, users will receive a set of fun and eye-catching TECNO X Free Fire Stickers. These stickers are created to celebrate the collaboration between TECNO and the popular game Free Fire, and they showcase beloved characters from the game, including Kelly, Moco, and Hayato.

TECNO encourages users to embrace their creativity and personalize their phone cases with these stickers. By offering this customization option, TECNO provides users with an opportunity to make their devices truly their own, adding a touch of personal style and reflecting their passion for Free Fire. Whether users choose to adorn their phone cases with a single sticker or create a collage of characters, these stickers allow them to showcase their love for the game and add a unique flair to their smartphones.

This collaboration not only enhances the visual appeal of the device but also allows users to showcase their affinity for Free Fire in a fun and creative way. By providing the customized TECNO X Free Fire stickers, TECNO enables users to personalize their POVA 5 Series devices and express their individuality through the integration of popular gaming elements.

TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Special Edition App Icons

TECNO goes above and beyond in allowing users to fully customize their Free Fire experience within the TECNO POVA 5 Series. This customization extends to the software system, where users can enjoy a modern and immersive Free Fire-themed interface. The series offers richly designed app icons that reflect the vibrant style of the game, adding a touch of visual flair to the user interface. Users can also choose from a selection of exclusive wallpapers inspired by the game, immersing themselves in the world of Free Fire every time they unlock their device.

To create a truly immersive experience, TECNO has also included exclusive notification and ringtones within the POVA 5 Series software system. These audio elements have been carefully crafted to resonate with the Free Fire theme, allowing users to be fully immersed in the game's atmosphere even when interacting with their device.

TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Special Edition Wallpapers

TECNO understands the popularity of certain Free Fire characters among its core markets. To cater to this, the company has identified and selected the top five characters, Moco, Kelly, Hayato, Maxim, and Wukong, to be featured prominently in the TECNO POVA 5 Series software system. This inclusion ensures that fans of these characters can enjoy a personalized experience that showcases their favorites within the device's interface.

TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Special Edition

As a treat for all Free Fire fans and players, TECNO has gone the extra mile by providing Free Fire Gift Cards. These gift cards give players the opportunity to redeem exclusive rewards and goodies within the game. To make the redemption process seamless, TECNO has included step-by-step instructions on the gift cards, ensuring that players can easily claim their rewards.

The first step in redeeming the Free Fire gift is to visit the official Free Fire website dedicated to code redemption. Players are directed to head to the website at reward.ff.garena.com/en, where they will find the designated platform for entering their redemption codes. This website acts as a central hub for players to access their rewards and initiate the redemption process.

In the second step, players are prompted to log in to their Free Fire accounts. By logging in, players ensure that their rewards are accurately attributed to their specific accounts. Once logged in, players can proceed to enter the redemption code found on their Free Fire gift card, following the provided instructions on the website. This step helps ensure that the gift card is linked to the correct player account, enabling the seamless transfer of the associated rewards.

Finally, in the third step, players can expect to receive a message from Free Fire, notifying them of the successful redemption of their gift. This message serves as confirmation that the redemption process has been completed, and the corresponding rewards have been added to their in-game inventory.

By giving away Free Fire gift cards, TECNO shows its commitment to engaging and rewarding Free Fire fans. By following the simple redemption steps outlined on the gift cards, players can enjoy the excitement of receiving exclusive rewards within the game. These rewards could include in-game items, character upgrades, special cosmetics, or other enticing bonuses that enhance the overall Free Fire experience.

TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Special Edition Specs
168.61 × 76.61 × 9 mm
6.78 inches, FHD+, 1080 x 2460 pixels, Dot-in Display, IPS LCD
120Hz Refresh Rate
Dual Rear Camera Module:
50 MP Main Camera
0.08MP Depth Sensor
Dual Flash
Front-Facing Camera:
8 MegaPixel 
LED Flash
Video Recorder:
Back - 2K 1440p 30fps, FullHD 1080p 30fps
Front - FullHD 1080p 30fps
Android 13
6nm 2.2GHz Octa-Core Mediatek MT8781 Helio G99
Mali-G52 MC2 GPU
8GB RAM + 8GB MemFusion RAM Expansion
256GB Internal Storage
Dedicated microSD Slot
Wi-Fi 5 (a/b/g/n/ac)
Bluetooth 5.2
Dual nanoSIM Card Slots
Side-Mounted Fingerprint Scanner
Dual Loud Speaker
3.5mm Audio Jack
FM Radio
USB Type-C 2.0
45W Smart Charge, 50% in 21 Minutes, 100% in 60 Minutes
Metallic, Industrial Design Accents
Non-Removable 6,000 mAh Li-Po Battery Pack
Free Fire Edition Colorway

TECNO POVA 5 Free Fire Special Edition Price
Official Suggested Retail Price - Starts at around $150 USD (varies per region)
Official Global Announcement - June 29, 2023
Official SRP and Release Date in the Philippines are TBA. Stay tuned for updates.

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