Globe vs Smart SIM Card Registration Website Loading Comparison, 3 Hours Before Deadline

Today, July 25, 2023, marks the deadline for SIM Card Registration Extension in the Philippines. With just a few hours left before the cutoff, I decided to conduct a quick test to compare the efficiency of Globe Telecom and Smart Communications' dedicated SIM Card Registration Websites. 

As a Filipino technology content creator who is trying to register a Globe/TM SIM card as a straggler (I use this SIM to test promos like I do with other network providers in the Philippines), I was concerned when I encountered issues with Globe's website during my test. This article recounts my experience and invites readers to share their last-minute SIM Card registration stories.

The Test

At 8:42 PM, I accessed both Globe Telecom and Smart Communications' registration websites to see how they performed during this crucial time. My objective was to determine which platform would provide a smoother and faster registration process for those still rushing to meet the deadline.

Globe SIM Card Registration Website 3 Hours Before Deadline

Globe Telecom SIM Registration Website, Final 3 Hours Status

Upon visiting Globe's dedicated SIM Card Registration Website, I encountered a concerning issue. The website appeared unclickable, and a white box obstructed the interface, rendering it impossible to proceed with the registration. This raised a cause for concern, as many Filipinos might be experiencing the same problem while attempting to register their SIM cards in the eleventh hour. As the deadline nears, I hoped that Globe's website would start to load normally, allowing users to complete their SIM  registration.

UPDATE: At 10:11 PM, around 2 hours before the deadline, I checked if Globe's SIM Reg website was still lagging and I was delighted to learn that it's finally working as usual. I've just finished registering my Globe/TM SIM. Thanks for fixing the issue, Globe Telecom! I just blogged about my experience to help my fellow Filipinos who may be having the same problem. This is the real work of technology content creators; To point out tech-related issues so they can be addressed.

Smart SIM Card Registration Website 3 Hours Before Deadline

Smart Communications SIM Card Registration Website, Final 3 Hours Status

On the other hand, Smart Communications' website homepage appeared to be functioning smoothly during my test. It loaded promptly. I even tried keying in my Smart number to get an OTP PIN, even if it is already registered just to try if the website works and I was able to confirm that it does. This was a positive sign for those relying on Smart Communications to register their SIM cards just before the deadline. Great job, Smart!

I want to note, however, I didn't have a new Smart SIM to register so I wasn't able to complete the process even if the website is loading as usual. My family and I all use Smart SIM cards and we have all previously registered our numbers.

Actual Video of the Test


Kindly note that my experience is based solely on a single test conducted at a specific time. Technical issues can arise due to various factors, such as server load, internet connectivity, or other unknown reasons. Therefore, the results of this test may not reflect the overall performance of these websites in other instances. Again, it is important to remember that my experience is only one instance and the situation may vary for others.

I encourage readers to share their last-minute SIM Card registration experiences from today, July 25, 2023. By doing so, we can gain a broader understanding of the challenges and successes faced by fellow Filipinos during this crucial time. Deadlines can be stressful, but sharing our experiences can help us navigate through them with more ease.

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