Meta Verification Price and Guide for Facebook and Instagram To Get Blue Check Badge

In the vast world of social media, trust and security have become paramount concerns for users. To tackle these issues, Meta (the company behind Facebook and Instagram) has introduced the Meta Verification process for Personal Profiles or Accounts.

By obtaining a verified badge on your account, you not only gain credibility but also enjoy additional benefits like increased account protection, priority support, and exclusive stickers. In this guide, we'll take you through the Meta Verification process, its monthly price in the Philippines, as well as the numerous advantages it brings.

Meta Verification for Facebook and Instagram

The Benefits of Meta Verification

1. A Verified Badge

A verified badge adds authenticity to your profile, assuring your audience that you are a real person sharing genuine stories. This can be especially valuable for influencers, public figures, and brands looking to establish their identity on the platform.

2. Increased Account Protection

With a verified account, you gain an extra layer of protection against impersonation. Meta actively monitors identities to prevent unauthorized individuals from misrepresenting you.

3. Support When You Need It

As a Meta Verified user, you receive priority support. This means you can expect faster responses to your inquiries and issues, allowing you to resolve problems more efficiently.

4. Unique Stickers

Express yourself with exclusive stickers available only to Meta Verified subscribers. Stand out from the crowd and showcase your verified status with these special stickers.

The Meta Verification Process

Follow these steps to get your Meta Verification badge:

1. Login to Facebook Account: Start by logging in to your Facebook account using your desktop web browser. Make sure you have access to the account you wish to verify and that it's showing your real name.

2. Go to Once you're logged in, navigate to your Accounts Center on Facebook via this URL.

3. Check for "Meta Verified" Link: Look for the "Meta Verified" link on the account center page. If it's visible, it means your account is eligible for verification.

Meta Verification for Facebook and Instagram

4. Click Subscribe Button: Click on the "Subscribe" button associated with the Meta Verification option.

Meta Verification for Facebook and Instagram

5. Sign-Up for Verification: Just click the button under the personal Facebook or Instagram account that you want to verify.

6. Review the Monthly Price: When signing up for Meta Verification via Facebook Desktop, the monthly price is PHP 420. (Note: Prices may vary based on your location. Also, this is the promo price when you use your desktop to sign up. Prices may change eventually).

The sign-up price and monthly fee for Meta Verification if you will be using the Facebook mobile app on your Android smartphone or Apple iPhone is PHP 499, currently. For this, simply go to your App's Settings and in the search bar, type "Accounts Center". Then, just look for the Meta Verified link where you can follow a similar procedure.

7. Click Pay Now Button: If you're comfortable with the monthly price, proceed by clicking the "Pay Now" button.

8. Choose Payment Method: Select your preferred payment method, which can be Credit/Debit Card (VISA and Mastercard are accepted) or PayPal. Simply fill up the form or connect to Paypal within the interface to settle the fee then click Subscribe.

Meta Verification for Facebook and Instagram

9. Submit ID for Identity Confirmation: To confirm your identity and real name, you'll need to submit a valid ID. Your verified Facebook or Instagram profile will then reflect the name on the submitted ID.

10. Wait for Verification: After completing the payment and submitting your ID, Meta will begin the verification process, which could take up to 48 hours. If for any reason Facebook is unable to confirm your identity, they will refund your payment.

Meta Verification offers numerous benefits for users looking to build credibility, enjoy increased security, and access exclusive features. The process is straightforward, and by following the steps outlined in this guide, you'll be well on your way to obtaining the coveted verified badge for your Facebook or Instagram account. Take control of your online identity and ensure your audience can trust the real you. Happy verifying!

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