E.A.T. TVJ on TV5 First Episode Livestream, Top Trending Video on Youtube

In a resounding display of their enduring popularity and remarkable staying power, the iconic Filipino entertainment trio, Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, and Joey de Leon, of Eat Bulaga fame, have once again won the hearts of their adoring fans with the much awaited launch of their newest show E.A.T TVJ on TV5.

The much-anticipated first episode of their new noontime variety show, E.A.T. TVJ on TV5, premiered on July 1, 2023, and quickly soared to the top of the charts, even claiming the coveted #1 Trending Video Spot on YouTube.

E.A.T. TVJ  Eat Bulaga on TV5, TVJ sa TV5

E.A.T. TVJ on TV5 marks a highly anticipated TV screen return for the trio. Loved by the masses for their wit, humor, and incredible camaraderie, Tito, Vic, and Joey have established themselves as free TV mainstays and silver-screen stars over the years.

The premiere episode of E.A.T. TVJ met and even exceeded expectations, delivering an enthralling blend of laughter, entertainment, and genuine connections that struck a chord with audiences of all ages. Fans eagerly tuned in, anxiously awaiting the trio's latest venture. And they were not disappointed.

E.A.T. TVJ  Eat Bulaga on TV5, TVJ sa TV5
As of writing, at 12:05 AM July 3, 2023, E.A.T. TVJ on TV5 First Episode remains the #1 Trending Video on Youtube.

Within a remarkably short period, the episode skyrocketed to the top of YouTube Trending Videos list, reaffirming the interest and admiration that Filipino masses have for Tito, Vic, and Joey. Prior to the launch of the show, social media platforms erupted with excitement, as fans shared their favorite moments, unforgettable skits, and heartfelt interactions from the show.

The overwhelming success of E.A.T. TVJ's maiden episode on YouTube and on TV5 free TV channel are a testament to the unwavering loyalty of the trio's fan base, which spans multiple generations. Tito, Vic, and Joey have managed to maintain their relevance and captivate audiences across time, proving that their charm and comedic prowess are timeless.

E.A.T. TVJ  Eat Bulaga on TV5, TVJ sa TV5
E.A.T TVJ on TV5 Episodes will be available for viewing online via TV5 Philippines Youtube Channel.

The impact of E.A.T. TVJ's success will also be felt by TV5, the network that hosts the show. With a significant surge in viewership, TV5 solidifies its position as a major player in the Philippine television industry. The triumphant return of Tito, Vic, and Joey to the small screen has undoubtedly bolstered the network's reputation and increased its competitiveness against other established networks.

In addition to the beloved trio of Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, and Joey de Leon, E.A.T. TVJ on TV5 features a star-studded lineup of hosts. Joining the iconic trio are Allan K, Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola, Paolo Ballesteros, Ryan Agoncillo, Maine Mendoza, Ryzza Mae Dizon, and Carren Eistrup. This dynamic ensemble brings together a wealth of talent, humor, and diverse personalities, ensuring a variety show experience like no other. 

With a remarkable team at the helm, which includes the staff working behind the cameras, E.A.T. TVJ promises to be an unforgettable journey filled with laughter, entertainment, and unforgettable moments for viewers nationwide.

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