Philips Alpha-VP-5HWS Smart Video Door Lock Enables Advanced Home Security

The all-new Philips Alpha-VP-5HWS smart video door lock offers a seamless integration of a door viewer, doorbell, and door lock, working in unison to provide homeowners with an unparalleled level of security and convenience.

In this product showcase article, we delve into the features that make the Philips Alpha-VP-5HWS a standout digital door lock in the realm of smart home security.

Philips Alpha-VP-5HWS Smart Video Door Lock

Real-time Connectivity for Informed Decision-Making

With the Philips Alpha-VP-5HWS, homeowners can stay connected to their doorstep in real-time through a secure Wi-Fi connection. By binding the Philips EasyKey App, users gain access to a wealth of features, including the ability to view lock access history, remotely send temporary PIN codes, and monitor the live situation at the door with just a tap on the video button.

Remote Visible Two-Way Talk

The doorbell experience is elevated with the Alpha-VP-5HWS. Upon a visitor pressing the doorbell, an instant message is pushed to the mobile app, initiating a two-way audio connection. Even when away from home, the video lock automatically records the interaction, ensuring that no visitor goes unnoticed.

Clear Vision Day and Night

Equipped with a 2MP wide-angle camera, the Alpha-VP-5HWS delivers clear images during the day and employs infrared fill lights for enhanced visibility at night. The 144° wide-angle camera captures a broad view, and with the night vision mode, facial features are recognized within 1 meter from the lock end.

Proactive Security Measures

The Alpha-VP-5HWS prioritizes security with its PIR motion detection system. Upon detecting abnormal movements within 3 meters, the AI humanoid detection algorithm captures photos or records videos, instantly pushing a notification through the encrypted cloud server. This proactive approach empowers users to manage potential security risks effectively.

Intuitive Interface and Customization

The 4-inch IPS screen on the indoor escutcheon ensures a clear view of visitors and the doorway. Users can adjust brightness and sleep mode timeouts via the mobile app, enhancing both visibility and energy efficiency. The display also includes a convenient button to turn off the screen, catering to the needs of the elderly and children.

Robust Security Features

The Alpha-VP-5HWS prioritizes security with dual verification, emergency unlock rotary knob, hidden fingerprint sensor, and a 20-digit hidden PIN code. Multiple alerts, such as anti-dismantling, system locking, low battery level, and abnormal bolt, provide users with constant updates on the lock status, fostering a sense of assurance and security.

Convenience Redefined

The Alpha-VP-5HWS seamlessly integrates into daily life, offering a variety of unlocking methods, including fingerprints, PIN codes, key tags, and mechanical keys. The "0" key serves a dual purpose, acting as both a digit button and a mute button, allowing homeowners to enter quietly and leave without disturbing the household.

Building a Secure and Smart Home

The Philips Alpha-VP-5HWS smart video door lock emerges as a comprehensive solution for homeowners seeking to enhance security without compromising on convenience. With its cutting-edge features, real-time connectivity, and proactive security measures, the Alpha-VP-5HWS stands as a testament to Philips' commitment to building effective and affordable smart homes from the ground up. Embrace the future of home security with Philips Alpha-VP-5HWS -- where innovation meets peace of mind.

Philips Alpha-VP-5HWS Smart Video Door Lock

Long-Lasting Rechargeable Battery

The Philips Alpha-VP-5HWS Smart Video Door Lock stands out with its rechargeable 5,000 mAh Lithium battery, offering a substantial and long-lasting power source. Despite its compact appearance, this smart door lock boasts a large battery capacity, ensuring extended periods of use between charges. The convenience of its dismantling feature simplifies the recharging process and enhances overall user experience. With a harmonious blend of a sleek design and robust battery capabilities, the Philips Alpha-VP-5HWS Smart Video Door Lock delivers a reliable and convenient solution for home security needs.

Price and Availability in the Philippines

The Philips Alpha-VP-5HWS Smart Video Door Lock is now available in the Philippines at the official suggested retail price of PHP 42,000

To ensure accessibility for customers across the country, the Philips Alpha-VP-5HWS is conveniently available at all Larx Trading's Philips EasyKey stores nationwide. You may send inquiries directly to Larx Trading about this product here.

Larx Trading's commitment to providing cutting-edge home security solutions makes it easy for consumers to experience the benefits of this smart video door lock, combining a competitive price point with a comprehensive network of retail locations.

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