BDO Debit Card International Over-The-Counter Withdrawal and ATM Withdrawal Update

In a recent update, BDO (Banco de Oro), one of the Philippines' leading banks, has announced changes to its debit card services concerning international over-the-counter withdrawals.

Starting March 1, 2024, BDO will discontinue the option for international over-the-counter withdrawals using their debit cards. 

This advisory aims to inform BDO Debit Card users about the forthcoming adjustments and guide them on alternative methods for accessing funds abroad.

BDO Debit Card International Over-The-Counter Withdrawal

Details of the Changes

As of March 1, 2024, BDO Debit Card users will no longer have the option to make international over-the-counter withdrawals. 

This means that transactions carried out in person at international banks or financial institutions using BDO Debit Cards will be discontinued. This shift is part of BDO's ongoing efforts to streamline and enhance its services.

Alternative Withdrawal Methods

While international over-the-counter withdrawals will no longer be available, BDO Debit Card holders can still access funds abroad through ATMs that accept Visa or Mastercard.

This alternative ensures that customers can continue to withdraw money conveniently while traveling or residing outside the Philippines. BDO encourages users to check for Visa or Mastercard acceptance logos on ATMs in their respective locations.

Acknowledgment and Gratitude

BDO expresses gratitude to its valued customers for their continued trust and patronage. The bank acknowledges that changes in services may impact user experiences, and they strive to provide alternative solutions that align with evolving financial landscapes.

Learn More at BDO's Website

For a comprehensive understanding of the changes, including updated debit card limits and fees, BDO encourages users to visit This dedicated page provides detailed information about the modifications and serves as a resource for users seeking clarity on their debit card transactions.


As BDO implements changes to its debit card services, it aims to enhance the overall banking experience for its customers. While international over-the-counter withdrawals will no longer be available, the bank assures its clients that alternative methods, such as ATM withdrawals, remain accessible. BDO appreciates the understanding of its customers during this transition and is committed to providing efficient and convenient financial solutions.

In adapting to the evolving landscape of financial services, BDO remains dedicated to delivering high-quality banking experiences and maintaining transparency in its communications with customers.

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