HONOR Unveils Jackie Chan as Year of the Dragon Ambassador

During the launch of the HONOR Magic6 series and HONOR Porsche Design, China's leading smartphone brand, HONOR, proudly declared Jackie Chan as its Year of the Dragon Ambassador. 

This strategic move not only signifies the alignment of HONOR with a figure of high esteem but also reflects its commitment to excellence. To celebrate this grand announcement, HONOR treated its consumers to a mesmerizing New Year's Eve light show, fusing cutting-edge technology with traditional architecture at the Taiyuan LIFE store.

HONOR Unveils Jackie Chan as Year of the Dragon Ambassador

Connecting Tradition and Technology

HONOR has consistently strived to bring technology closer to consumers, especially during festive seasons. This year, the brand went the extra mile by organizing a spellbinding New Year's Eve light show that seamlessly blended modern technology with traditional architecture. Held at the Taiyuan LIFE store, this visual spectacle aimed to bridge the gap between technology and art, showcasing a collision of classics and the future. The event served as a captivating prelude to what HONOR has in store for its consumers in 2023.

Magical Moments Captured

As part of the New Year's Eve celebrations, HONOR road-tested its HONOR 100 series smartphones, boasting SLR-level photo cameras. The goal was to enable customers to capture breathtaking moments during the festivities. This move not only showcased HONOR's commitment to delivering top-notch technology but also underscored its dedication to enhancing user experiences during special occasions.

Jackie Chan as the Year of the Dragon Ambassador

The choice of Jackie Chan as the Year of the Dragon Ambassador is symbolic, considering the esteemed status of the dragon in Chinese culture. Beyond his celebrity status, Chan embodies the spirit of a dragon through his relentless pursuit of excellence. The award-winning actor's association with HONOR adds a touch of prestige to the brand, aligning it with qualities such as power, wisdom, and good fortune.

HONOR Unveils Jackie Chan as Year of the Dragon Ambassador

Exciting Prospects Ahead

Looking ahead, HONOR has exciting plans in collaboration with Jackie Chan as the Year of the Dragon Ambassador. The partnership aims to bring a series of thrilling activities to HONOR fans and tech enthusiasts in China. As the brand continues to innovate and elevate the consumer experience, this collaboration promises to be a dynamic blend of technology, entertainment, and the timeless charisma of Jackie Chan.

More To Come

HONOR's announcement of Jackie Chan as the Year of the Dragon Ambassador marks a significant chapter in the brand's journey, blending tradition with modernity and aligning with a cultural symbol of high regard. The New Year's Eve light show and the road-testing of cutting-edge smartphones underscore HONOR's commitment to providing consumers with memorable experiences. As the collaboration with Jackie Chan unfolds, HONOR fans and tech enthusiasts can anticipate a series of exhilarating activities that bridge the worlds of technology and entertainment in a unique and captivating manner.

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