Philips EasyKey 9300-5HBGS Push-Pull Lock: A Thoughtful Blend of Innovation and Elegance

Philips EasyKey 9300-5HBGS push-pull lock emerges as a sophisticated and intelligent solution in today’s ever-advancing digital smart home security era.

Striking a balance between innovation and elegance, this door lock promises a seamless entry into the world of smart living without the need for exaggerated claims or hype.

Join me as I talk about the key features of Philips EasyKey 9300-5HBGS that make it a leading choice for many home owners who want to secure their home in a stylish and advanced manner in this digital era.

Philips EasyKey 9300-5HBGS Push-Pull Lock

Innovative Features for Enhanced Convenience

At the heart of the Philips EasyKey 9300-5HBGS is a commitment to user convenience. The integration of intuitive fingerprint identification and fully automatic lock and unlock mechanisms marks a significant leap forward in the realm of smart home security. The indoor induction opening, designed with user-friendliness in mind, ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience for homeowners.

The incorporation of a touch sensor and infrared sensor on the inside escutcheon further enhances the convenience factor. A gentle touch activates the sensor, and if an obstruction is detected by the infrared sensor, the door seamlessly unlocks. This minimalist yet effective approach adds a layer of sophistication to everyday routines, aligning with the product's understated elegance.

Stunning Design Philosophy

Moving beyond functionality, the Philips EasyKey 9300-5HBGS showcases a stunning design that extends from the inside out. Crafted with tempered glass and subjected to 3D grinding, the door lock achieves a hardness level akin to artificial diamonds. The color options of black, and copper allow users to choose a style that complements their home decor, further emphasizing the product's commitment to both form and function.

Building a Smart Home from Zero

The Philips EasyKey 9300-5HBGS goes beyond being a standalone security device; it serves as a foundational element for building an effective and affordable smart home. The wireless network extension feature positions the lock for future smart living. By seamlessly connecting to the wireless network, users can remotely manage door lock access, monitor real-time status, and review the lock log at their convenience.

The auto-locking feature provides a sense of reassurance after closing the door. Employing a fully automatic mortise, the deadbolt spontaneously engages without any extra action required. If the door is not locked properly, the mortise intelligently triggers an alarm, serving as a practical reminder of the door lock status.

Diverse Access Options for Personalization

Recognizing the diverse needs and preferences of users, the Philips EasyKey 9300-5HBGS offers multiple ways to access your door:

Fingerprint: Utilize intuitive fingerprint identification for quick and secure access.
Card: For those who prefer a card-based entry system, this option adds an extra layer of convenience.
Pin Code: A secure and customizable pin code entry ensures that only authorized individuals gain access.
App: With the convenience of mobile access, manage your door locks remotely and stay in control.
Mechanical Key: As a failsafe, the lock includes a traditional mechanical key for manual access.

Security Enhanced for Day and Night Protection

The integration with a door viewer adds an extra layer of security to the Philips EasyKey 9300-5HBGS:
Dual Verification: Elevate security with dual verification methods, ensuring only authorized individuals gain entry.

Remote Video Monitoring: Enjoy the ability to view visitors remotely through the app, enhancing security at any time.
Abnormal Alert System: In case of any anomalies, the door viewer uploads photos or videos to the cloud server, providing a visual log of unusual events.
Multiple Protections: The door lock includes hidden pin codes, dual verification, abnormal latch bolt alerts, and anti-prying alerts, demonstrating Philips' commitment to comprehensive security.

Philips EasyKey 9300-5HBGS Push-Pull Lock

To wrap up, the Philips EasyKey 9300-5HBGS push-pull lock stands out as a thoughtful blend of innovation and elegance in the realm of smart home security. Far from flashy marketing claims, it quietly and effectively delivers on the promise of enhanced convenience, security, and personalization. As smart living continues to evolve, the Philips EasyKey 9300-5HBGS positions itself as a discreet yet powerful entrance to a more secure and smarter way of living.

Price and Availability in the Philippines

The Philips EasyKey 9300-5HBGS Push-Pull Lock is now available in the Philippines at the official suggested retail price of PHP 42,000

Ensuring easy accessibility for customers across the Philippines, the Philips EasyKey 9300-5HBGS is conveniently available at all Larx Trading's Philips EasyKey stores nationwide. If you're interested about this product, you may send inquiries directly to Larx Trading here.

Larx Trading's commitment to offering cutting-edge home security solutions makes it effortless for consumers to explore the advantages of this innovative lock, combining a competitive price point with the convenience of a nationwide retail presence.

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