2024 Apple iPhone 16 Series Price, Specs, and Release Date Rumor Round-up

Apple enthusiasts and tech aficionados are buzzing with excitement as details about the upcoming iPhone 16 Series emerge. With significant design tweaks, enhanced camera features, and advanced technology under the hood, the iPhone 16 series promises to be a game-changer. 

Here's a detailed look at what we know so far about the iPhone 16, iPhone 16 Plus, iPhone 16 Pro, and iPhone 16 Pro Max, which are expected to ship with the all-new iOS 18, packed with AI or Apple Intelligence Features.

2024 Apple iPhone 16 Series
L-R: Fan-Render Concept Photos of Apple iPhone 16, Apple iPhone 16 Plus, Apple iPhone 16 Pro, and Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max. Personally, I think these images are pretty much accurate based on everything we've heard and seen so far about these models -- but that's just my own opinion.

Apple iPhone 16

Design & Display:

The iPhone 16 will retain the same size as the iPhone 15, with notable design tweaks including a new vertical camera lens arrangement and a pill-shaped camera bump. This design change will make Apple iPhone 16 look a lot like the legendary Apple iPhone X from 2017, which we have earlier talked about on TechPinas.

The front and back designs will remain similar, with the introduction of a new "Capture Button" and the expansion of the Action Button across all models.


The above-mentioned vertical camera layout similar to the iPhone X is designed to capture Spatial Video for the Vision Pro headset.

A new "Capture Button" will be added to enhance photography and videography, detecting multiple levels of pressure for focusing and capturing images.


Rumors suggest color options could include black, green, pink, blue, and white, with some speculation about the availability of yellow and purple.


While exact pricing is not confirmed, expect the iPhone 16 to start around $799, similar to the iPhone 15.

Apple iPhone 16 Plus

Design & Display:

The iPhone 16 Plus will maintain the same size as its predecessor, the iPhone 15 Plus, with the new vertical camera alignment and other minor design enhancements.


Similar to the iPhone 16, the Plus model will feature a vertical camera layout and the new Capture Button for improved photo and video capabilities.


The iPhone 16 Plus is expected to come in the same color variants as the iPhone 16.


Pricing for the iPhone 16 Plus is anticipated to start around $899, consistent with the iPhone 15 Plus.

Apple iPhone 16 Colors
Apple iPhone 16 and Apple iPhone 16 Plus are expected to come in a variety of colors both muted and eye-catching, catering to different tastes and preferences of consumers.

Apple iPhone 16 Pro

Design & Display:

A significant upgrade in size is expected, with the iPhone 16 Pro featuring a 6.3-inch display, up from the 6.1-inch display of the iPhone 15 Pro.

Slimmer bezels and the same general design as the iPhone 15 Pro, but taller and wider.


Enhanced camera system with a 48-megapixel Ultra Wide lens and the potential inclusion of a 5x Telephoto lens, previously exclusive to the Pro Max.

Vertical camera layout similar to the standard models but with higher-end capabilities.


Powered by a new A18 chip with improved AI and machine learning capabilities.

Expected to include Qualcomm's Snapdragon X75 modem for faster 5G connectivity and possibly WiFi 7 support.


The iPhone 16 Pro is likely to see a slight price increase, starting around $1,099.

Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max

Design & Display:

The iPhone 16 Pro Max will feature a larger 6.9-inch display, marking a significant size upgrade from the 6.7-inch iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Slimmer bezels and a slightly heavier body due to the increased size.

Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max
This leaked image from an anonymous uploader based in China shows that the 2024 Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max will indeed be bigger than the 2023 Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max, reflecting the larger screen of the newer model.


Advanced camera system with potential "super" telephoto periscope camera, offering dramatically increased optical zoom capabilities.

Enhanced 48-megapixel Ultra Wide lens and improvements to telephoto and ultra wide cameras.


Similar to the iPhone 16 Pro, featuring the A18 chip and Snapdragon X75 modem, with the addition of stacked battery technology for longer lifespan and faster charging.


The iPhone 16 Pro Max is expected to start around $1,199, reflecting the increased component costs and advanced features.

Projected Pricing

While exact pricing for the iPhone 16 series has not been confirmed, we can anticipate the following based on historical trends and component cost increases:

iPhone 16: Starting at $799
iPhone 16 Plus: Starting at $899
iPhone 16 Pro: Starting at $1,099
iPhone 16 Pro Max: Starting at $1,199

With a projected launch date in September 2024, Apple fans have a few more months of anticipation and speculation ahead. Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the official announcement!


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