iOS 18 for iPhone and iPad, Expected To Have Enhanced AI Features

As the June 2024 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) approaches, anticipation for Apple's iOS 18 is building. This upcoming update promises to be one of the most significant in the history of the iPhone, with major advancements in artificial intelligence and a slew of new features designed to enhance user experience. Here's an in-depth look at what we think we know so far about iOS 18.

Major Advancements in AI

Enhanced AI Integration

Apple is making a massive push into AI, investing over $1 billion annually in research and hardware. The primary goal is to integrate AI across various apps to significantly enhance their functionality. For example, Apple Music might soon feature auto-generated playlists based on user preferences and listening habits. Pages and Keynote could offer AI-assisted writing and slide creation, making content creation more efficient and intuitive. These features will initially run on-device, leveraging the new A18 chip's upgraded Neural Engine, which is expected to provide a substantial boost in AI performance.

Siri and Search

Siri is set to undergo a major overhaul, becoming more conversational and proactive, thanks to the implementation of large language models (LLMs). Users can look forward to Siri auto-summarizing notifications, transcribing voice memos, and providing more contextually relevant suggestions. Additionally, Siri will gain deeper integration with the Shortcuts app, enabling more complex task automation that can significantly streamline daily routines.

AI in Xcode

Developers are also in for a treat with the updated Xcode, which will include AI tools for code prediction and completion. These tools are designed to streamline app development by providing smarter code suggestions and even generating code for testing purposes. This can save developers time and reduce the margin for error, leading to more robust and innovative apps.

Design and Customization Enhancements

Home Screen Customization

One of the most exciting updates in iOS 18 is the enhanced customization options for the Home Screen. Users will have the ability to arrange app icons with blank spaces, rows, and columns, offering a more personalized and flexible user interface. This change aims to provide a level of customization that fans have been eagerly awaiting, reminiscent of the significant Lock Screen changes introduced in iOS 16.

App Updates


Safari is getting a substantial makeover in iOS 18. A new "Intelligent Search" feature will summarize key topics and phrases on webpages, making it easier to digest large amounts of information. The introduction of a "Web Eraser" tool will allow users to remove unwanted sections from webpages, enhancing the browsing experience. Additionally, an updated quick-access menu will streamline navigation, making it easier to switch between tabs and access favorite sites.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps is set to become even more user-friendly with the introduction of custom routes. This feature will allow users to select specific roads for their journeys, catering to personal preferences and needs. Furthermore, the topographic map feature from watchOS 10 is expected to make its way to iOS 18, which will be particularly useful for hiking and outdoor activities, offering detailed elevation information and terrain data.


The Photos app will see the addition of AI-based editing features, although they might not be as advanced as those found in professional editing platforms like Photoshop. These tools will nonetheless enhance the user experience by making it easier to edit and organize photos with minimal effort.

Notes and Voice Memos

The Notes app will soon support recording voice memos directly within the app, allowing users to embed recordings in their notes and benefit from AI-generated summaries of key points. The Voice Memos app will also feature advanced audio transcription capabilities, making it easier to convert spoken words into written text.

Calendar and Reminders

Integration between the Calendar and Reminders apps will allow users to view and interact with reminders directly within the calendar interface. This seamless integration is designed to improve productivity and ensure that important tasks and events are never overlooked.

Apple Music

Apple Music will introduce smart song transitions and auto-generated playlists based on user-defined parameters such as mood, activity, or time of day. These features aim to enhance the listening experience by providing more personalized and dynamic music recommendations.

New Accessibility Features

Reduce Motion Sickness

A new "Vehicle Motion Cues" option is being introduced to help prevent motion sickness by using visual elements on the display to indicate real-time changes in motion. This feature will be particularly beneficial for users who frequently travel by car or other vehicles.

Eye Tracking

Eye Tracking technology will allow users to navigate their iPhone or iPad interface using only their eyes. This groundbreaking feature will significantly enhance accessibility for users with mobility impairments, providing a new level of independence and interaction with their devices.

Music Haptics

"Music Haptics" will enable the iPhone's Taptic Engine to play vibrations that correspond to audio, offering a tactile music experience. This innovative feature aims to provide a multi-sensory experience, allowing users to feel the music as they listen.

Vocal Shortcuts

With "Vocal Shortcuts," users can assign custom utterances to launch shortcuts and perform complex tasks using Siri. This feature will provide a more personalized and efficient way to interact with their devices through voice commands.

CarPlay Updates

Enhanced Accessibility

CarPlay will receive several new accessibility features designed to improve usability for all users:

Voice Control: Navigate CarPlay options and apps using voice commands, reducing the need for manual interaction.
Color Filters: Adjust the interface for color-blind users, ensuring that all information is easily accessible.
Sound Recognition: Receive notifications for sounds like car horns and sirens, enhancing situational awareness while driving.

RCS Adoption

Later in 2024, Apple will adopt the Rich Communication Services (RCS) standard, significantly improving iPhone-to-Android messaging. This update will introduce features such as cross-platform emoji reactions, real-time typing indicators, read receipts, and better group chat performance, enhancing the overall messaging experience across different platforms.


iOS 18 will support all iPhones that can run iOS 17, ensuring that a wide range of users can benefit from the new features and improvements. Supported models include:

iPhone 15 models
iPhone 14 models
iPhone 13 models
iPhone 12 models
iPhone 11 models
iPhone XS and XS Max
iPhone XR
iPhone SE (2nd and 3rd gen)

Launch Date

iOS 18 will be previewed at WWDC on June 10, 2024. A developer beta will be available shortly after the announcement, with a public beta expected in July. The official release is likely to coincide with the launch of new iPhones in September 2024.

As Apple continues to refine its AI strategy and enhance the user experience, iOS 18 is shaping up to be a groundbreaking update that will push the boundaries of what the iPhone can do. For Apple fans and iPhone/iPad users, this promises to be an exciting year full of innovative features and improvements.

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