Microsoft Heralds AI PC Era by Introducing Copilot+ PCs with Top Brands

At a special event on May 21, 2024 (PH Time), held at its new campus, Microsoft Corporation introduced the world to Copilot+ PCs, a new category of Windows PCs designed for AI. Copilot+ PCs represent the fastest and most intelligent Windows PCs ever built.

These PCs feature powerful new AI processors capable of an astonishing 40+ TOPS (trillion operations per second), all-day battery life, and access to the most advanced AI models, promising capabilities that surpass any other PC on the market.

Copilot+ PC, AI PC

Additionally, these cutting-edge devices come equipped with innovative features like Recall, which helps users effortlessly find and remember content on their PC; Cocreator, which allows near real-time AI image generation and editing directly on the device; and Live Captions, which translates audio from over 40 languages into English in real-time. These advanced features are housed within sleek, lightweight devices from Microsoft Surface and partners such as Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung. Pre-orders are available now, with the first Copilot+ PCs launching on June 18, starting at $999.

Revolutionary Architecture and Performance

The Copilot+ PCs boast an all-new system architecture that integrates the CPU, GPU, and a high-performance Neural Processing Unit (NPU). This architecture, enhanced by large language models (LLMs) running in the Azure Cloud and small language models (SLMs), enables unprecedented performance levels. Copilot+ PCs are up to 20 times more powerful and 100 times more efficient for running AI workloads, delivering industry-leading AI acceleration. They outperform Apple’s MacBook Air 15” by up to 58% in sustained multithreaded performance, while also offering all-day battery life.

For instance, Copilot+ PCs can provide up to 22 hours of local video playback or 15 hours of web browsing on a single charge, which is 20% more battery life for local video playback than the MacBook Air 15”.

Enhanced App Performance and Security

Windows on Copilot+ PCs offers an unmatched implementation of apps on the fastest chips, beginning with Qualcomm. These PCs support more native Arm64 experiences than ever, including Microsoft 365 apps like Teams, PowerPoint, Outlook, Word, Excel, OneDrive, and OneNote, as well as other popular apps like Chrome, Spotify, Zoom, WhatsApp, Adobe Photoshop, and more. A new powerful emulator, Prism, ensures that all apps run smoothly, whether native or emulated.

Security is a top priority for Copilot+ PCs. Each device comes with the Microsoft Pluton Security processor enabled by default, alongside several new security features and updates to Windows 11, ensuring users can maintain their security with ease. Personalized privacy controls are also built in, giving users control over their data and privacy.

Unleashing Powerful AI Experiences

Copilot+ PCs leverage advanced processors and multiple state-of-the-art AI models to deliver a range of powerful, locally run AI experiences. This local processing reduces latency, costs, and privacy concerns, enhancing productivity, creativity, and communication.


Recall addresses the common frustration of locating previously seen content on a PC. By organizing information based on relationships and associations unique to each user’s experiences, Recall enables users to find what they’re looking for quickly and intuitively. This feature utilizes a personal semantic index built and stored entirely on the device, ensuring that snapshots remain private and under the user's control.


Cocreator enhances creative workflows by integrating AI-powered image creation and editing directly into Windows. Users can combine ink strokes with text prompts to generate new images in near real-time, iterating and refining their artwork with powerful diffusion-based algorithms. This feature is integrated into creative applications like Paint and Photos, allowing for continuous creativity and innovation.

Innovative AI Experiences

Microsoft has partnered with leading applications to bring new AI-powered experiences to Copilot+ PCs. Adobe’s flagship apps like Photoshop, Lightroom, and Express are available now, with Illustrator and Premiere Pro arriving this summer. These applications benefit from the full performance advantages of Copilot+ PCs, optimizing AI processes for the NPU.

Other notable applications include DaVinci Resolve Studio, CapCut, Cephable, LiquidText, and djay Pro, each leveraging the NPU to deliver enhanced, AI-driven functionalities.

Live Captions

Live Captions provide real-time translation of audio from over 40 languages into English, making content more accessible. This feature operates offline and is integrated across all Copilot+ PCs, ensuring users can communicate and understand content more effectively.

Windows Studio Effects

Windows Studio Effects enhance user appearance and audio during virtual interactions. Features include Portrait Light, creative filters, Eye Contact Teleprompter, voice focus, and portrait blur, all accessible via Quick Settings.

Copilot: Your Everyday AI Companion

Every Copilot+ PC includes Copilot, a personal AI agent that is easily accessible via a dedicated Copilot key on the keyboard. Copilot offers a streamlined, powerful design that integrates the most advanced AI models, including the latest GPT-4o from OpenAI, enabling natural voice conversations and more.

Advancing AI Responsibly

Microsoft is committed to developing ethical, safe, and secure AI. The company’s responsible AI principles guide the development of new features, ensuring alignment with Microsoft's standards for ethical AI use.

Copilot+ PCs: Available Soon

Microsoft has collaborated with leading OEMs such as Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung, as well as its Surface team, to deliver Copilot+ PCs, launching on June 18. These devices, starting at $999, offer powerful AI experiences and top-tier performance.

The new Surface Laptop and Surface Pro exemplify this innovation. The Surface Laptop features razor-thin bezels, a brilliant touchscreen display, AI-enhanced camera, premium audio, and a haptic touchpad, with options for a 13.8” or 15” display. The Surface Pro, a flexible 2-in-1 laptop, introduces an optional OLED with HDR display and a new Surface Pro Flex Keyboard, designed for both attached and detached use.

Availability from Top Brands

Acer: Swift 14 AI with a 2.5K touchscreen and AI-enhanced features.
ASUS: Vivobook S 15 with Snapdragon X Elite Platform, AI enhancements, and a sleek design.
Dell: Five new Copilot+ PCs, including the XPS 13 and Latitude 7455.
HP: OmniBook X AI PC and EliteBook Ultra G1q AI PC with Snapdragon X Elite.
Lenovo: Yoga Slim 7x and ThinkPad T14s Gen 6, designed for creatives and commercial use.
Samsung: Galaxy Book4 Edge with a 3K AMOLED display and up to 22 hours of video playback.

Testing and Deployment for Businesses

Copilot+ PCs offer businesses high-performance Windows 11 devices with unique AI capabilities, enhancing productivity and collaboration. Microsoft encourages IT admins to begin testing and preparing for deployment, leveraging existing tools and processes to manage these new AI-driven devices.

The Future of AI Innovation

Microsoft envisions the PC as a catalyst for AI innovation, with the richest AI experiences emerging from the synergy between cloud and device. The first Copilot+ PCs feature Snapdragon X Elite and Snapdragon X Plus processors, with future plans to integrate Intel and AMD technologies, expanding AI capabilities to a broader audience, including advanced gamers and creators.

Together with its partners, Microsoft is setting the stage for the next decade of Windows innovation, promising to deliver the most advanced AI-powered PC experiences.

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