TNT Unli TikTok Saya 50 Promo, Officially Launched!

Hey TikTok lovers! TNT is here to level up your scrolling and creating game with their latest and most affordable offer: TikTok Saya 50

For just PHP 50, you get unlimited TikTok access plus 3GB of data for all your other favorite apps and sites, and unlimited texts to all networks, valid for three days. It’s the perfect package to keep you connected and entertained!

TNT Unli TikTok Saya 50 Promo

What's great about TNT TikTok Saya 50?

Unli TikTok: Scroll through endless dance trends, viral challenges, and hilarious skits without worrying about data limits.
3GB Open Access Data: Browse your other favorite apps and sites freely.
Unli Texts to All Networks: Stay in touch with your squad anytime.

With TikTok Saya 50, you can join the millions of Filipinos creating and sharing cool content on TikTok. Whether you’re into dance covers, funny skits, life hacks, or travel vlogs, this offer has you covered. 

As of January 2024, the Philippines had 49 million active TikTok users, with almost 70% of Filipinos aged 16 to 64 making TikTok their go-to social media app.

Erika L. Apostol, Head of TNT, shared, "Filipinos love TikTok for its entertainment and fun. With TikTok Saya 50, we're bringing our subscribers closer to their daily dose of happiness at an unbeatable price."

Beat the Summer Heat with Unlimited TikTok Fun!

This summer, gather your friends and make the hottest TikTok content, laugh over memes, and get inspired by your favorite online stars. TikTok Saya 50 makes every day more fun and bearable, even during the hottest days of the year.

How to Subscribe to TNT TikTok Saya 50?

Smart App: Log in and register.
*Dial 123#: Easy registration from your phone.
Sari-sari Stores: Grab a TikTok Saya 50 load.
Smart Online Store & Mobile Wallets: Convenient access wherever you are.

Don’t miss out! Enjoy the ultimate TikTok experience with TNT’s TikTok Saya 50 and keep the good vibes rolling. 🎉📱✨

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