Smart Prepaid eSIM Price is Only PHP 99, The First eSIM in the Philippines for Prepaid Market

On July 10, 2023, PLDT wireless unit Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) heralded a new level of convenience and flexibility for mobile users with the launch of the Smart Prepaid embedded SIM or eSIM, which is the first prepaid eSIM in the Philippines.

The eSIM serves as a digital alternative to the physical SIM card, allowing mobile users to easily access local data, call, and text services without the need to insert a physical SIM card into their devices.

Smart Prepaid eSIM, eSIM for Prepaid Market

To connect to data, call, and text services, customers can simply scan the Smart Prepaid eSIM, which is in the form of a unique QR code containing a Smart Prepaid account number.

Initially, the Smart Prepaid eSIM is provided as a printed card. However, subscribers will soon have the option to receive their eSIM digitally, either through email or a voucher. With no physical SIM card involved, eSIM users can avoid concerns about a lack of SIM slot in their device or the risk of losing or damaging their primary physical SIM.

The Smart Prepaid eSIM is especially beneficial for mobile users who want to experience Smart's high-speed connectivity and extensive coverage without using up a SIM slot in their device. This includes Apple device users who can now conveniently switch between two or more accounts or SIM profiles using just one device.

Additionally, the eSIM is suitable for inbound foreign tourists or returning Overseas Filipino Workers who can now quickly activate local mobile services without the cumbersome process of swapping or changing their primary physical SIM with a local SIM. Unlike traditional roaming services that only cover mobile internet, the Smart Prepaid eSIM allows tourists to make calls and send text messages. By having a local eSIM, they can access local rates that are significantly more affordable than roaming rates.

The Smart Prepaid eSIM can be purchased for only PHP 99 at major airports, Smart Stores nationwide, accredited retailers, the Smart Online Store, and Smart flagship stores on Lazada and Shopee.

Bringing eSIM Innovation to The Prepaid Market

Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) has expanded its eSIM offering to include prepaid subscribers, making it accessible to more Filipinos. This move aims to provide greater convenience and benefits to a wider range of users and showcases Smart's commitment to bringing cutting-edge innovations to the Filipino market.

Francis E. Flores, SVP and Head of Wireless Consumer Business - Individual at Smart, expressed excitement about the introduction of the Smart Prepaid eSIM. He shared that this new offering not only adds to Smart's track record of delivering innovative solutions to Filipinos but also enhances the overall mobile experience by leveraging Smart's superior network.

The Smart Prepaid eSIM is compatible with a variety of eSIM-capable devices, including the latest flagship smartphones from Apple, Google, Huawei, and Samsung, as well as tablets and smartwatches.

Similar to the regular Smart Prepaid SIM, the eSIM version comes with up to 21 GB of free data. To claim this data, subscribers need to follow two simple steps. First, they must activate and register their eSIM. Second, they can download the Smart GigaLife App, which provides a convenient way to manage their prepaid account.

How to Activate and Register Smart Prepaid eSIM

The process for registering as well as activating the Smart Prepaid eSIM is easy and straightforward for both Apple and Android users. 

Apple users can simply need to open their phone's camera and scan the unique QR code that contains their Smart Prepaid account information. Alternatively, they can navigate to the 'Settings' menu, select 'Cellular,' and then choose 'Add Cellular Plan.' This will prompt the camera to scan the QR code of their Smart Prepaid eSIM. Once successfully activated, the eSIM will be visible under their 'Cellular Plans' section.

On the other hand, Android users can begin the activation process by going to their phone's 'Settings,' selecting 'SIM Card Manager,' choosing 'Add Mobile Plan,' and tapping 'Add using QR Code.' This will activate the camera to scan the QR code associated with their Smart Prepaid eSIM. After successful activation, the eSIM will be listed in their 'SIM Card Manager.'

Regardless of the device used, all subscribers must register their Smart Prepaid eSIM on the website On this platform, users just need to provide their mobile number and OTP (one-time password), complete their personal information, upload a valid identification document, and then await a confirmation text to wrap up the registration process.

Upon successful activation and registration of the eSIM, subscribers will receive 5 GB of free data. Additionally, by downloading the GigaLife App, they can enjoy an additional 16 GB of free data, bringing the total to 21 GB.

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