Coloud The Knock Headphones Quick Review : Five Things I Love About It

To tell you honestly, I kind of snubbed Coloud The Knock when I first saw it. I thought, of the three headphone lines that the Swedish company currently has, The Knock - which is in the middle of The Boom and The Pop in terms of performance and portability - was the least interesting.

coloud the knock headphones

After spending several months with my Red and Black The Knock, though, I've completely changed my mind about it. In fact, I'm now totally head over heels in love with the headset.

coloud the knock headphones

So why the change of heart? Well, simply put, I realized that it's lighter and less tiring on the ears compared to The Boom but delivers an almost similar performance and while it may not be as easy to carry in the bag or pocket as The Pop, the sound quality that the Knock delivers is far superior.

coloud the knock headphones

Allow me to share with you the five things I love about Coloud The Knock.

coloud the knock headphones

1. Simple, No-nonsense, yet Eye-catching Design - If you like minimalist looks that can still turn heads, you'll love The Knock's design language. It doesn't have unnecessarily embellishments but its bold colors and slick lines are enough to grab everyone's attention.

coloud the knock headphones

2. Tangle-free System - Just like its siblings, The Boom and The Pop, The Knock features flat fettuccine-like wires, which are tangle-resistant, and has Coloud's patented Zound Lasso, which you can use to neatly fold the wires and bind them together.

coloud the knock headphones

3. Comfortable Ear Foams - Never tiring on the ears, The Knock comes with these soft ear foams that don't trap too much moisture and heat, giving you an enjoyable whole day music-listening experience.

coloud the knock headphones

4. Decent Sound Quality - Frankly, the sound quality you'll get from The Knock is not on the level of far more expensive high-end earphones out in the market but it does deliver clear and crisp basses and trebles similar to what Apple's Earpods give, which should be good enough for most users.

coloud the knock headphones

5. Durable Construction - The Knock's frame is made of plastic but it's one tough plastic. I've tried bending it straight and it didn't break.

Verdict: All things considered, 9.8 out of 10 TP Stars. I highly recommend it. If you're looking for cool, simple, unique-looking headphones with bold colors, check out Coloud The Knock. You can grab one at all Digital Hub and Digital Walker stores nationwide for only Php 1,450! Yup, it's very, very affordable.

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