How To Redeem and Enjoy Your Globe Rewards Points at Wendy's, Figaro, Ayala Malls Cinemas, and Other Partner Establishments

Fellow Globe Prepaid subscribers, did you know that you can earn points every time you reload your number? These are called Globe Rewards Points and you can now you use them directly (1 point = 1 peso) to purchase products and services from Globe's partner business outlets and establishments, namely, Wendy's, Figaro Coffee Company, Ayala Malls Cinemas, Enchanted Kingdom, Sunglass Hut, and Rose Pharmacy until Q1 or Q2 2014. You can use your points - a minimum of 50 (Wendy's, Figaro, Rose Pharmacy), 100 (Ayala Cinemas, EK) or 300 (Sunglass Hut) - to make the entire payment or just as part of it and add cash.

Last week, after shopping, I used some of the Globe Rewards points that I've collected since last year and some that Globe gave me to grab dinner for me and my folks at Wendy's.

globe rewards

TP Friends, the redemption process is very simple and easy. Just tell the person at the counter that you'll be using your Rewards points to make a purchase and they'll gladly guide you through it.

globe rewards

First, they made me check my Globe Rewards points by texting BAL to 4438. Then, they asked if I want to use purely the points to make the purchase or just a specific number of points and add cash. I said I want to use just the points to buy the meals, which was cool, and they asked for my order. After everything has been punched in, they made me text BUY (their Globe number) (total payment) to 4438 then I got an SMS confirming that a payment has been made. It was really fast and convenient.

globe rewards

Baconator is my favorite burger sandwich from any fast food chain that we have here so I'm glad Globe has chosen Wendy's as one of its partner establishments for this campaign. Yum!

globe rewards

For me, though, the best thing about Globe Rewards is that I can use my points to treat my loved ones out to dinner or movie. I love taking my folks out and while I'd gladly take money out of my wallet to make them happy, this promo sure comes in handy.

globe rewards

To learn more about Globe Rewards Promo, feel free to give Globe Business Hotline at ring at (02) 720-1010. Oh, and by the way, I heard that KFC and Petron will be joining the partner business line-up for this campaign soon so if you're a fan of those two, you might want to start collecting as many points as you can.

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