O+ USA Online Supreme Kit Unboxing, Sample Camera Shots, Flash Review

If you ask me, I think O+ USA Online Supreme Kit is currently one of the best value for money gadget packages you can buy with your hard-earned money. I own this bundle and I highly recommend it.

O+ Online Supreme

This kit is a product of O+ USA's landmark partnership with Smart Prepaid and Talk N' Text. As such, apart from the handset itself plus all the accessories, the pack already comes with SIM cards from both network providers that give the user bonus or free data services per month.

O+ Online Supreme

Let's do a quick unboxing.

O+ Online Supreme
These are everything you'll get for only Php 2,650!

O+ Online Supreme
We have the unit itself, Smart Prepaid SIM, Talk N' Text SIM, user manual, warranty card, and the removable 1,500 mAh battery pack.

O+ Online Supreme
Of course, you'll also get the earphones with extra in-ear silicone buds in two sizes, microUSB to USB connector cable, and the travel charger.

O+ Online Supreme

The O+ USA handset model that comes with the Php 2,650 kit is the best-selling O+ 360 Alpha Plus version 2.0, which comes with bigger internal storage and more RAM!

Prior to O+'s tie-up with Smart Communications, this release donned an SRP of almost Php 4,000. Obviously, the partnership greatly helped in lowering its price tag, putting the smartphone at arm's reach of more Pinoy consumers.

O+ Online Supreme

O+ 360 Alpha Plus 2.0 is equipped with a large 4.5-inch HD IPS OGS display panel that's quite simply one of the best things about this model. The screen looks amazing regardless of the viewing angle.

O+ Online Supreme

At the back, the device flaunts a 360 touch panel below the 5 MegaPixel autofocus main camera module. O+ USA's 360 Touch technology allows you to navigate the phone's interface by scrolling up and down or left to right as well as to snap selfies simply by tapping on it.

My favorite O+ 360 Alpha Plus 2.0 feature would have to be its dual cameras, which are both very reliable.

The 5 MP autofocus main camera captures fine details and replicates colors nicely. Here are sample shots that I casually took while I was trying tea in a cafe, click for larger view:

The 5 MegaPixel fixed focus front cam, on the other hand, takes bright and clear selfies even indoors or when there's little ambient light available -- thanks to its Soft LED flash. Here are selfies I snapped using it:

Certainly not bad for Php 2,650 Android cameraphone, right?

O+ Online Supreme

The phone's shell is made predominantly of plastic; You won't see metallic accents or trimmings. If you don't like unnecessary embellishments on your handset and you want it to have a no-non-sense look, you might find this one attractive. I personally like its rounded corners and pillow-style back design, though, which looks fairly updated.

O+ Online Supreme

Under the hood, O+ 360 Alpha Plus 2.0 runs Android 4.4 KitKat OS (not sure if O+ will update this to Lollipop in the future) with a 1.3 GHz Quad Core MediaTek MT6582 chipset, has - get this - 2GB of RAM for smooth multitasking, and comes with 16GB of expandable storage. I think this set of innards is already quite a treat considering the very affordable price of the device.

You can certainly get smooth web-browsing and social networking experience on this handset. Light 3D gaming is also possible. It's not the most powerful handset out there but it is quite capable.

One point for improvement that I'd like to point out, however, is the battery life. I find the the 1,500 mAh pack powering this phone quite small and I often just get around 7-8 hours of uptime from a full charge. Then again, I'm a power user. You might get more life out of it (a whole day, perhaps) if you won't be on 3G all the time.

O+ Online Supreme

Because it's being offered in partnership with Smart Communications, as I've said, O+ Online Supreme comes with free Smart and Talk N' Text services that users can enjoy every month. You'll get 100MB free data allocation per month for one whole year c/o Smart Prepaid -- plus an additional 500MB for every accumulated top up of Php 100. As for the TNT SIM, when you load up an amount of Php 300, you'll get 5 months free SMS to Smart and Talk N' Text, 7 Days of Facebook, Viber, and Twitter access and 2 Days of Unli All-Net texts.

For those who are asking, the SIM 1 slot of the Dual SIM, 3G-enabled O+ 360 Alpha Plus 2.0 unit that comes with O+ Online Supreme Kit is locked to Smart Prepaid. And likewise, its SIM 2 slot is tied to Talk N' Text.

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