O+ 8.12 Scratch Resistant Screen Test, Captured on Video! Smartphone vs. Pistachio Nuts, Who Wins?

There are a number of expensive smartphones out in the market that are said to have scratch-resistant screens. But very few manufacturers that created these handsets have actually done or are willing to do something in front of people, the media, or even the camera to prove such claims.

One thing I appreciate about the people behind O+ is that they always mean what they say. They walk the talk. A few weeks ago, I had a whole day meeting with them where they shared with me the many cool features of the smartphones they are currently selling. When I heard that O+ 8.12 - their early 2013 flagship release - flaunts a scratch-resistant touchscreen, I immediately asked for a demo to which they instantly obliged.

Fel, one of our friends from O+, took out a bag of un-cracked pistachio nuts (yes, shell and all), placed a few pieces on the table and said, "In the US, they use walnuts but we don't have that here. I think these are tough enough." She then - to my horror and amazement - whacked and cracked each nut using the bare screen of her O+ 8.12! Talk about gutsy!

o+ plus, o+ 8.12, o+ scratch resistant

Incredibly the handset survived the harrowing ordeal unscathed! Yes, not a dent nor a single scratch on the glass touchscreen! But don't take my word for it. I was able to record a video of the unbelievable demo.

"Is this Gorilla Glass 2?! I don't think it's that. Even Gorilla Glass 2 won't survive such torture," I asked Fel while inspecting the handset.

"Headquarters didn't tell us exactly what kind of glass it is but it's very, very tough. I believe only diamond and sand can scratch it. We've used knives, axes, and screw drivers to try scratching it and all those didn't work," she answered.

Very interesting. If you ask me, though, I think it's Dragontrail - an ultra-tough glass six-times stronger than the regular and highly-resistant to impact and pressure. We'll never know for sure unless O+ Headquarters in the US discloses the information. But off hand, I think that's what they used on this stellar smartphone.