Smart All Out 20 Offers Unlimited Facebook Access, Unli All-Net Texts, 20 Minutes of Tri-Net Calls, 150 MB Mobile Data for 24 Hours

"Kuya Mac, what's the most affordable prepaid promo by Smart currently that includes both Unli FB access and Unli SMS to all networks?"

That's what one of my cousins - who's also a Smart Prepaid subscriber - asked me as we were chatting casually in a wedding we both attended last week.

He's still a student so he does his best stretch his allowance all while making sure that he's connected everywhere he goes -- whether at school, on the road, or when hanging out with his friends after class.

Smart All Out 20 Prepaid Promo

I told him, "Try out Smart All 20. For just Php 20, you already get unlimited FB access, unli all-net texts, 20 minunits of calls to Smart, Sun, and Talk N' Text, and 150 MB of mobile all for 24 hours!"

Smart All Out 20 Prepaid Promo

I've been subscribing to it myself on one of my smartphones - as shown in the photo below - and I'm quite impressed with the service. I reside in Tondo and go to Makati a lot for meetings and events -- and I often get 4G+ connectivity with this promo, allowing me to browse Facebook faster while on the go. The 150 MB of mobile data is good enough for checking work emails and browsing to make sure that it's running well. Of course, the bundled call and text services are also handy for staying in touch with my loved ones.

Smart All Out 20 Prepaid Promo

If you're interested, you can subscribe to this generous Smart Prepaid promo simply by making sure you have enough load and then texting 'AllOut20' to 9999. Try it out and let me know what you think about the quality of mobile connection as well as what all the bundled services allow you to accomplish per day.

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