Facebook Lunar New Year Like Button, Now Available on FB Mobile App and Desktop Version

In line with this year's celebration of the Lunar New Year or what most Filipinos call "Chinese New Year", the world's leading social networking site Facebook temporarily changed its usual blue "Like" button into a Red and Gold Festive Like Icon.

According to Facebook, for a limited time, we can use their Lunar New Year Festive Like button to wish good fortune and a happy new year to friends and family.

Lunar New Year is based on the Chinese lunisolar calendar and it is the beginning of a calendar year in which the months are cycles of the moon and cycles of the sun.

Facebook Lunar New Year Like Button

In modern times, the Lunar New Year often refers to the new year's celebration of several countries - including China, South Korea, Japan, and Vietnam - which happens on the same day.

This year 2021, the Lunar New Year Celebration is February 12, 2020.

Facebook Lunar New Year Like Button

Have Blessed Lunar New Year, everyone!

To my Chinese and Chinoy friends, I'm wishing all of us a prosperous Chinese New Year filled with love, happiness, success, great health, peace of mind, and great wealth that we can share with others! Cheers!

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