TouchElex Harley Smartwatch TWG006 Review, Unboxing, Features, Exclusive Promo for The Philippines

Did you recently buy a new Android smartphone and you're now thinking about getting a companion smartwatch to go with it but you can't spend more than PHP 3,000 on a new gadget?

Well, you might want to check out this new smartwatch that I'm currently reviewing.

Touchelex Harley Smartwatch

With an official suggested retail price of PHP 2,990 and a discounted promo price of PHP 2,490 (by using the PHP 500 OFF voucher in this TechPinas Shopee promo page), the all-new TouchElex Harley TWG006 Smartwatch is one of the most luxurious-looking, feature-packed, and budget-friendly companion accessories you can get for your smartphone.

Touchelex Harley Smartwatch

The no-non-sense official retail package includes the smartwatch itself, the charging cable, and the user manual. There's no travel charger but you can use the one for your smartphone or even a powerbank to charge TouchElex Harley.

Touchelex Harley Smartwatch

Design and Build

As shown on the box cover which you can see in the first image of this article, TouchElex Harley Smartwatch TWG006 is available in three classy color options, namely, Pink, Green, and - what I have here - Black.

Touchelex Harley Smartwatch

The watch's shell is made of anodized aluminum alloy that doesn't look elegant and luxurious but is also more durable than plastic. The sides and edges gently curve for a more sophisticated and sleek finish.

Even the two buttons on the right side of the TouchElex Harley are made of aluminum, which - to me - proves that this product indeed has great craftsmanship.

The 22mm rubber straps have a matte finish. I like that they seem to have been molded flawlessly, just like what we usually see on straps of more expensive smartwatches.

The swappable straps also come with two loops, which is good considering that other smartwatches in this price bracket usually just have one. The buckle is made of real metal, instead of plastic, which is another treat and proof of good craftsmanship.

TouchElex Harley Smartwatch TWG006 is 3ATM Water-Resistant, which means that it's just splash-resistant and can't be submerged in water. Although you can't swim or dive with this smartwatch, you can keep it on when taking a shower or washing your hands.

Battery and Charging

TouchElex Harley Smartwatch TWG006 is powered by a Lithium Polymer battery (of undisclosed capacity) that delivers up to 7 days of uptime on a full charge.

This pack can also be charged 31% faster compared to batteries of competing smartwatches and with fast-charging,  just 19 minutes of plugging the device give it 50% charge!

The charging cable attaches magnetically to the back of the smartwatch, automatically aligning the pins to the copper plates for convenience. The magnetic connection, however, is not very strong so make sure that charging has commenced before you leave the device.

Again, you can use your smartphone's USB charger to charge TouchElex Harley Smartwatch TWG006 or you may also use your powerbank for on-the-go charging.


This smartwatch flaunts a 1.75-inch display with 320x385 pixels resolution, which looks clear, bright, and crisp.

A capacitive glass touchscreen sits atop the display with edges that curve gently, hugging the aluminum case seamlessly.

I find the screen size to be quite ideal for a smartwatch that can be worn with both casual or formal outfits. It's not too small nor too big so as to be overwhelming. Navigating the interface using finger swipes also feels natural and intuitive on this display panel.

Key Features

TouchElex Harley Smartwatch TWG006 runs on the company's propriety operating system, which looks very straightforward and is easy to use.

The homescreen of the UI shows the watch face, which is customizable. You can quickly go back it from any section of the interface with two or three clicks on the upper physical button on the side of the case.

Swiping down from the watch-face reveals the quick access shortcuts, including Flashlight (turns the whole screen white), Alarm, Screen Brightness, and Settings.

Some of my favorite features of the TouchElex Harley Smartwatch TWG006 are related to health and fitness.

For example, there's a built-in Blood Oxygen monitor, which many people might appreciate and use amidst this COVID19 pandemic. This is also handy for those who want to check their blood oxygen level when working out or hiking.

There's also a Heart Rate monitor that can check and track the speed of your heartbeats for up to 24 hours.

For fitness buffs, TouchElex Harley Smartwatch TWG006 comes with an Activity Tracker that counts your steps throughout the day and also gives you an estimate of the calories you burn just by moving around.

According to TouchElex, this smartwatch's Apollo3.5 processor enables the Activity Tracker that combines high computational capabilities with ultra-low power consumption for whole-day monitoring.

When paired with a smartphone, TouchElex Harley Smartwatch TWG006 can vibrate and send you notifications when someone is calling or when you receive a text message. You can also use it to play music tracks, send pre-set messages, and look for your smartphone by playing a ringtone.

Other notable features include Sleep Tracker, Workout Records, Breathing Training, Weather Forecasts, Timer, Alarm, and Stopwatch.

TouchElex Application for Android and iOS

TouchElex has an official application for their smartwatches that users can download for free on their Android devices via Google Play Store or iOS devices via Apple App Store.

You can use this app for downloading new a new watch-face for your Harley. Currently, the smartwatch can only keep four watch-faces (three pre-installed plus one you can download via the app) but I hope that TouchElex can eventually expand the options to around 10.

TouchElex also sends firmware upgrades to their smartwatches via this application, which shows good after-sales support.

When I first paired by TouchElex Harley Smartwatch TWG006 to the mobile app on my Android smartphone, I immediately got two firmware upgrades for the smartwatch, proving that the company continues to refine the user experience when using the device.

TP Verdict

Given its very low discounted price of only PHP 2,490, its luxuriously sleek design and build, the splash-proof construction, the very useful health and fitness features, and its very handy smartphone-companion capabilities, TouchElex Harley Smartwatch TWG006 easily gets the TechPinas Seal of approval. I highly recommend this very affordable gadget.

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