Inboosta Travel Booster Mobile Charger Giveaway and Quick Review : 6000 mAh Capacity Power Bank for Just Php 2,990!

Isn't it frustrating that innovations when it comes to gadget batteries aren't quite happening as fast as enhancements in mobile platforms, smartphone imaging capabilities or even app development? I mean, our gizmos are becoming more and more smart by the day but it seems like we're getting all that at the expense of their uptime -- which shouldn't be the case, really.

Anyway, if - like many of us - you're forever stressed by your smartphone's unbelievably short battery life, I'd like to present this affordable and permanent solution to your worries. While we're all awaiting gadget companies' much needed answer to our battery life woes, you might want to check out Inboosta Travel Booster mobile charger:

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Some users call this a power bank or a mobile charger and what it does is that it charges your smartphone and other gadgets on the go. So when you're out and about, far from an electrical outlet, you can rest-assured that - with it - your gadgets won't die out on you halfway through the day.

inboosta, inboosta travel booster, inboosta philippines

There are other power banks available in the market but I think Inboosta is special or quite simply a cut above the rest because of five main reasons.

1. It ships with free adapters for various kinds of ports. So whether you're using a PSP, an Android Tablet, or a Nokia Symbian handset, you can rely on Inboosta to be there for you when you need it. I've tested the device and works on BlackBerry, Nokia Windows Phone, Samsung, LG, O+, Starmobile, and ZTE handsets. (It even charged my iPhone 4S when I paired it with the 30-pin dock connector cable. Oh, and kindly note: Use the pin adapter to charge Nokia Symbian handsets.)

inboosta, inboosta travel booster, inboosta philippines

2. It has these LED indicator lights in front telling you how much juice is left on the device. So you don't have to guess if it's already time for you to plug or unplug Inboosta to an outlet. If all LED bulbs light up when you press the power button, it means that the device is fully charged.

inboosta, inboosta travel booster, inboosta philippines

3. Inboosta can charge two devices at the same time. Unlike other power banks available in the market, this product effectively cuts your waiting time by having two USB ports where you can plug in two separate gizmos at once!

inboosta, inboosta travel booster, inboosta philippines

4. It's small yet it packs in a lot of juice. Inboosta is tiny enough to fit the palm of my hand or my jeans' front pocket comfortably yet, amazingly, it comes with a whopping 6,000 mAh capacity! Discounting energy loss during transfer, that's enough juice to fully charge an iPhone 4S thrice!

inboosta, inboosta travel booster, inboosta philippines

5. It's very affordable! You can get all these for only Php 2,990! (There are 2 other variants with lower capacity, which sell for even less.) And what's cool is that this device in included in Beyond The Box's Love Comes in Pairs Valentine's promo - which will run until February 17, 2013 - where you can get 50% off on the second unit! If you're dating someone who's into gadgets, I promise you, he or she will definitely appreciate getting an Inboosta power bank as a VDay present from you. I mean, think about it.

beyond the box

Lovin' Inboosta? Well, our friends at Beyond the Box gave me an extra Inboosta 6000 mAh unit to giveaway via Rafflecopter! You already know this works; We've done this so many times already. I will announce the sole winner on February 23, 2013. Oh, and don't forget to leave the link to your Facebook post in the comments section. You know the drill. What are you waiting for? Join now!

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