Fitbit Philippines Prices of Fitness Products, Official Retail Stores List

I made this post for my readers who've been sending me questions about the availability of Fitbit products here in the Philippines.

Allow me to answer some of your inquiries here.

1. Does Fitbit have headquarters here in the Philippines?

Fitbit has yet to open an office locally. Fitbit's regional HQ, which is located in Singapore, is the one managing the company's operations in our country. Nonetheless, the brand has a set of official distribution outlets for selling devices here as well as a Philippine-based PR agency that works with media and blogger partners.

2. Which Fitbit products are officially available in the Philippines and how much do they cost?

As of writing, there are four Fitbit wearable models that are officially up for purchase locally. There's Fitbit Blaze (which is my favorite), Fitbit Surge, Fitbit Alta, Fitbit Charge HR and Fitbit Flex.

Fitbit is formed by people who are passionate about building products that can transform users' lives through health and fitness. Hence, essentially, all of the company's wearables share similar overarching functionality, which is to help people track their daily activities and use the information (gathered by the devices and presented on their partner mobile app) to be more active. The more expensive models, however, have more extra features than the more affordable ones.

Let's quickly go through Fitbit's fitness products here in the Philippines one by one.

Fitbit Blaze
Price: Php 9,999

Fitbit Blaze

I have this model and I have nothing but good words to say about it. Stay tuned for my full review.

I think it's downright gorgeous. I mean, doesn't it look like a high-end smartwatch?

Fitbit Blaze

Fitbit calls this "A fitness watch that’s as stylish as it is smart."

I would image that the company designed this specifically for fashion-forward techy people.

Fitbit Blaze

Donning a sleek stainless steel frame and a durable strap that's available in metal, rubber, and leather, Blaze features as a Color Touchscreen, PurePlus Heart Rate monitor, Connected GPS, and On-Screen Workouts.

Fitbit Surge
Price: Php 12,899

Fitbit Surge

While the Surge may not be the most handsome of all Fitbit wearables (in my eyes, at least), it's nonetheless the most feature-packed and pricey as it has its own GPS-tracker.

Fitbit Surge

Coming with the full plethora of capabilities that you'll get on a Fitbit wearable including Music Control, SmartTrack for Running and Multi-Sport tracker (just like the Blaze), Surge has reliable battery life of up to seven days on a full charge.

Great for hardcore trainers, Fitbit Surge lets you monitor and record your run time, pace, distance, and elevation -- thanks to its additional built-in GPS receiver.

Fitbit Alta
Price: Php 6,299

Fitbit Alta

The Alta is a wristband that lets you wear fitness your way.

Fitbit Alta

Ideal for stylish and fashionable users who want to live a healthier and more active lifestyle, the Fitbit Alta activity tracker as a touch-sensitive Tap Display, supports 'Call, Text, and Calendar' alerts, has a clock mode, and can change its look to match the user's outfit and mood via Accessory Bands that are sold separately.

Fitbit Charge HR
Price: Php 6,999

Fitbit Charge HR

Just like the Fitbit Surge, Charge HR is crafted for hardcore trainers who want to get exact figures that paint a clear picture of their daily fitness activities.

Fitbit Charge HR

While not as feature packed as Surge, the Charge HR fitness tracker offers the essentials and more. It comes with a Heart Rate monitor (hence, the name), Auto-Sleep + Alarm, Watch Mode, and 7-Day Battery Life.

Fitbit Flex
Price: Php 4,599

Fitbit Flex

The most affordable of all Fitbit products in the Philippines, Flex is a slim and stylish wristband that tracks its wearer's all-day activities like steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned and active minutes.

Fitbit Flex

While it doesn't have a display unlike its more expensive siblings, Flex features LEDs that light up like a scoreboard as the user gets 20% closer to completing his or her step, calorie or distance goal set via the partner mobile app.

3. Which stores officially carry Fitbit products in the Philippines?

Fitbit Flex, Charge HR, Blaze, Alta and Surge are now up for purchase at all Digital Walker and Beyond the Box stores as well as select Toby's outlets nationwide. I would advise you to give the branch a ring first before going, though, just to check if the exact model and color that you want to buy is available.

More about Fitbit products on TechPinas soon! Stay tuned!

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