Free iPhone Games You Don't Wanna Miss : My Fave Five!

"What's your favorite iPhone game"

That's probably the question I get asked most often not only in the TP Mailbox and on Twitter but also in - uhm - 'real life'.

"I like a few," I usually answer. "But I've yet to think about which one is my fave. Will prolly just post an entry about it on TP soon."

I promise you, I've been meaning to write about it since last month - but the past few weeks have been crazy. Been swamped with digital marketing and graphic design projects for clients outside the country while review units continue pile up like a ginormous Zark's Burger in my bedroom.

Well, anyway. I finally found time to take screenshots of the cool free games I've been playing the past few days on my Smart iPhone 4S. Aside from iOverTheNet by Dardari and 3D Badminton by GameColt, these five are currently my favorite --

1. Subway Surfers by Kiloo and Sybo - This one's a lot like Temple Run only it doesn't utilize the gyroscope - so you can play it while lying in your bed, on your side - and the player can skate and fly.

free iphone games
Gotta love the graphics.

2. Blood and Glory by Glu Games Inc. - If - for whatever reason - you're pissed and you feel like hurting someone, just play this game. After a few rounds, you'll be back to your normal self.

free iphone games
Now, who's your daddy?

3. Dragon Flight by Next Floor - Kinda like TwinBee - that classic Nintendo game - but you don't get those odd golden bells and you're playing as a dragon - without a twin.

free iphone games
Don't forget to get free 5000 coins simply by writing a review!

4. Boggle FREE by Electronic Arts - Just a virtual version of the Boggle Word Factory game we all grew up playing with our cousins. Great for building your vocabulary.

free iphone games

5. Hit Tennis 3 by Focused Apps LLC - Feels a lot more responsive and looks totally better than the very popular previous version. I'm still trying to figure out how to properly do the smash though -- will keep you posted.

free iphone games

So there you go! The five iPhone games I love - as of today. Check 'em all out at App Store!

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