How Techie Are Today's Filipino Children? Stunning Facts Revealed in Cartoon Network Study and Infographic!

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I guess gadget manufacturers, software developers and network providers would do well not to underestimate the tech needs and wants of today's children -- especially those living in the Philippines.

I mean, looking at the results of a recent study done by Cartoon Network, we can say that Pinoy kids are actually far more techie than we what we think they are.

By doing face-to-face in-house interviews with 1,000 randomly selected kids - aged 7 to 14 years old, across various socio-economic classes - from Metro Manila (Luzon), Cebu (Visayas) and Davao (Mindanao) earlier this year, Cartoon Network discovered several stunning facts - presented in the infographic below - about how much these children are immersed in or are in tune with technology and gadgets.

pinoy techie

TP Thoughts:

2 out of 3 own a cellphone! I remember, I was already 16 when I got my first cellphone; It was a Nokia 5110. Today, 16 out of 100 Pinoy kids have access to an iPad at home. Incredible.

99% still watch TV. So 1% don't? For real? I can't imagine my childhood without TV.

Fave online activities: 1. Online games [...] 5. Homework We really need to bring cool back to school. I just hope these kids do their homework first before playing games.

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