In-Car Charger for Smartphones and Tablets with Two USB Ports : Just Mobile Highway Pro Sells For Just Php 1,895 at MSI-ECS

Do you often wish that you can charge both your tablet and smartphone inside your car while you're on the road driving in between meetings?

Do you own two handsets that - oddly enough - always go low on battery at the same time and bother you with annoying near-empty-batt alarms while you're behind the wheel, stuck in traffic?

Well, here's a nifty accessory that could very well prove to be your life-saver!

in-car charger

Just Mobile Highway Pro is an iconic twin-slot in-car charger for the iPhone, iPad and other USB-powered devices that all techie car owners must have!

It's an affordable and innovative solution that lets you charge multiple mobile devices at the same time while on the road so you won't ever have to worry about running out of battery away from an electrical outlet!

Highway Pro plugs into your car's cigarette lighter socket, revealing its diamond-tread aluminum head with subtle power light. Once you see that the bulb is lit, simply plug your gadgets to the USB ports using the right connector cables to start charging. It's that easy to use.

Priced at only Php 1,895, Just Mobile Highway Pro comes bundled with a 1.8m microUSB-to-USB cable, which is compatible with most Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, and BlackBerry devices. To find an authorized reseller near you, kindly email MSI-ECS at marketing[at]msi-ecs[dot]com[dot]ph.