Smart Samsung Galaxy Note3 Postpaid Plans : Free Under Unlimited LTE Data Plan 2000

Samsung Galaxy Note3 has an official suggested retail price of Php 36,990, which is rather hefty.

If you'd rather spend that amount of money paying for services like LTE connection, calls, and text messages that you'll enjoy on the phone, then I'd suggest that you just subscribe to a good postpaid plan and get the handset for free or for a lot less on installment.

Smart Samsung Galaxy Note3

Smart Communications has just announced its official Samsung Galaxy Note3 postpaid plan bundles and off hand, I think they look quite attractive.

Smart Samsung Galaxy Note3

Smart All-In Plan 1800 is a fully-consumable plan that may be used to register for Flexibundles such as Unlimited LTE connection, 3,500 SMS messages and 80 call minutes to all networks every month. A separate monthly cash-out of Php 199 for the device comes with the 24-month contract.

"Smart is proud to be the first telco in the Philippines to make available the latest and most advanced Android 'phablet' in the world," shared Ms. Kathy Carag, Smart Postpaid Marketing Head.

The handset also comes free under Smart Unlimited Data Plan 2000 with a 30-month lock-in period. This comes with unlimited LTE connection, as well as 200 SMS messages and 150 call minutes to all networks.

I think these two plans are just about the same but what's particularly cool about All-In Plan 1800 is that - apart from it having a shorter lock-in period - you can actually customize the bundled services depending on what you need. I would suggest though that, whatever Flexibundle configuration you choose, you keep the Unlimited LTE connection as that has truly become a necessity these days.

If you're getting All-In Plan 1800, you'll have to pay Php 1,999 per month for 24 months, which totals to Php 47,976. That amount less the SRP of SGNote3 is only Php 10,986 or just Php 457.75 per month, which is already very low for unlimited LTE among other services that you get from Smart bundled with the handset.