Gadget Insurance in the Philippines with Worldwide Coverage : Globe Gadget Care Covers Accidental Damage, Theft, and Robbery

Everyone who really knows me knows how much I love my gadgets. I love my gadgets so much I even give them "personal" names -- yes, each and everyone of them.

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My 2013 Flagship Smartphones Line-Up

I take care of my gadgets not just because I use them for work but because I see them as the product of my hardwork and dedication to my craft as a tech blogger. I promise you: There's not a single device in my collection that I didn't work very hard to get or purchase.

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There are a number of things that I do to protect my gadgets. For my smartphones and tablets, I use silicon cases and plastic shells to shield them against scratches and dents that they can get from regular use. As much as possible, I also use screen protectors and shock-and-impact-proof cases like those by Otterbox or Tech21. Aside from that, I put my phones in pouches before placing them inside my bag just to make sure that their shells, glass screens, and metallic accents won't be easily scratched or damaged in case they rub against each other or my other belongings inside my bag.

TP Friends, we can definitely go to great lengths just to make sure that our devices get utmost protection. But the truth is, there's only so much we can do to ascertain their safety. Accidents can happen and bad people - like crafty gadget thieves and robbers - are always on the lookout for their next victim.

But don't worry! There's now a way for us to guarantee the complete safety of our beloved devices! And that is through Globe Telecom's new and affordable Gadget Care Insurance service!

Globe Gadget Care, Globe Telecom

For as low as Php 89 per month (up to Php 399/mo for Band 4 devices like newer iPhones, iPads, and flagship level Android smartphones and phablets), Globe subscribers can already enjoying the benefits of the comprehensive coverage (after a free 1-month coverage), which can protect devices against accidental damage, theft or robbery, and outstanding postpaid bill balance. The mobile protection program also guarantees hassle-free handset replacement, easy claims processing, and worldwide protection coverage for all subscribers.

Hopefully, nothing bad would ever happen to your gadget but in the event that you need to file a Globe Gadget Care insurance claim, here's what you do:

Notice that the participation fee becomes more and more sulit as the price of the phone or tablet goes up. Hence, I would  recommend this value-added service more to flagship device owners as it would be more economical and practical for them.

For more information about Globe Gadget Care or for clarifications and inquiries, feel free call the Globe Gadget Care hotline (02)7565400 or toll-free 1-800-8-7565400, or visit any Globe Store nationwide.