Cherry Mobile Octa Core Android Smartphone, To Be Announced on February 4, 2014?

Last week, I received a curious invite from our friends at Cherry Mobile for an event scheduled on February 4, 2014.

The e-card and the email didn't really include any detail about the nature of the gathering or if there would be any products to be launched during the event.

Cherry Mobile, Cherry Mobile Octa Core Android Smartphone

Baffled, I replied to the email, confirmed my attendance, and asked several questions. "Will there be any products to be launched? Will it finally be Cherry Mobile's first octa core smartphone?"

I asked the second question largely because CM's staunch rival in the local handset scene - Starmobile - has already announced its own version of an octa core handset, the Starmobile Diamond X1. Likewise, Chinese handset maker THL has released its Monkey King 2 Octa Core Android Smartphone in the Philippines and the device is now doing really well in the market. I thought it's a bit odd that Cherry Mobile, which is probably the biggest and most aggressive Pinoy phone company currently, is taking a tad too long in unveiling its own Octa device.

It didn't take long for me to get a response. "Hi Mark, Thanks for the confirmation! Basta premium siya, better than what we have released so far :) So speculate mo nalang on how we can beat what we've released na! :) Hoho! Excited to see you there!"

The reply pretty much confirmed three things. First, that the company will indeed launch a new device on February 4. Second, that it will be a premium - and perhaps, a flagship level - product. And finally, they also said that it will be better than any gadget Cherry Mobile has launched thus far - including its Quad Core smartphones and phablets - so that suggests that we could very well get an Octa Core smartphone with a ginormous display.

Anyway, the event is now less than a week away and we promise to be there to let you in on what will happen in real time. Stay tuned for updates, TP Friends. I have a feeling we'll get more leaks about this mysterious device in the next few days.