Download WeChat 5.1 Application for Android and iOS Now! New Features and Games Explained!

The mobile revolution is no longer just about messaging -- especially in the Philippines, which aside from being the global texting capital, is also gaining stance as one of the fastest growing market for smartphones in the whole of Asia Pacific.

It’s good to note that while the popularity of social networking access via smartphones have won everyone’s attention, games are continuing to mark its place in the digital scene to fill in people’s idle gaps with fun, too.

Imagine: It takes 5 minutes to get your morning’s cup of Americano at your favorite coffee shop, and about 10 minutes more if you have it with Eggs Benedict. Then, it takes 25 minutes of traffic to get to your first meeting of the day. Today, with both unoccupied time and your smartphone in your hands, WeChat - the most-searched social messaging app according to Google Trends in Philippines, ahead of key competitors and the 3rd most searched item in general. - lets you carry on making connections with a handful of entertainment at the side.

WeChat 5.1

Download WeChat’s latest 5.1 update and read on to know more about how WeChat skyrockets excitement to your every day with its latest feature such as Games, which lets you challenge your friends with fun and addictive games while you’re on the move.

WeChat 5.1
WeChat is the most-searched social messaging app in the world.

Challenge your friends with fun and addictive WeChat Games!

Gunz Dash, one of the pioneering titles of WeChat Games, lets players choose their favorite heroes and let them embark on exciting adventures in a fantasy universe. Whether in solo or multiplayer mode, users can speed through worlds and collect coins for a high score in this exciting 2D animated, side-scrolling race game. Plus point: Gunz Dash’s setting can be customized to activate music and sound effect to enhance the gaming experience.

WeChat 5.1

2 Day’s Match, on the other hand, is a brand new casual puzzle game which works by matching two tiles of same kind. Challenge yourself by clearing all pairs and work your way to win the crown. 2Day’s Match users can switch from playing in solo stage mode to multiplayer mode which allows you to spark matches with your friends or people nearby.

WeChat 5.1

To take the puzzle gaming further, WeChat’s second title Craz3 Match makes players match tiles in groups of three and eliminate some seriously cute animals. Users can also boost their scores with magical items like Quick Hint, Shark, Time Reverse, Unlock, and Level Up to boost their points against other players.

WeChat 5.1

Lastly, Wreckless Racer that will be available soon on WeChat Games, is a new speed racing game with cutting-edge graphics and heart-pounding actions for the ultimate thrill to the finishing line!

WeChat 5.1

Level up your social life. Expand your Chat

Aside from the Games, the latest 5.1 upgrade also comes with enhanced features which allow users to support the latest platforms of iOS and Android, use group messaging to converse with a regular of 40 users or join at most two sized-up group chats with up to 100 users each.

Tell your story with StoryCam for WeChat

WeChat 5.1

Tell your story with StoryCam for WeChat! You can use your own words to describe the 'what', 'where' and 'when' of your photos with this exclusive app. With festival watermarks, filters and real-time location based information, you can now personalize and share any moment. Download StoryCam for WeChat for free and start telling your photo stories!

Features of StoryCam for WeChat include,

- Choose from five photo themes: Featured, Place, Weather, Food and Lifestyle
- Enhance photos with up to 13 free filters
- Receive real-time location, weather and date updates
- Edit your location and stories
- Place watermarks wherever you want on your photos
- Share photos easily with WeChat friends, on Moments or by email

WeChat StoryCam

WeChat 5.1

WeChat’s not stopping there, the app has more new features that make connecting even more enjoyable.

• Edit ‘Favorite Messages’ – Save your favorite text and voice messages, photos and videos to ‘Favorite Messages’- the first cloud-based storage service on mobile social communication apps – to view and share again anytime. You can edit and add new content to saved messages in any way you want.
• Register with Email Address – You have more choices to connect with WeChat – you can register with your email address to start chatting with friends.
• Gmail Contact Integration – Link to your Google account, find out who else is using WeChat and add them to your friends list.
• Supports Latest Smartphone iOS Platforms – WeChat 5.1 is optimized to support the latest versions on both iOS and Android.

The latest WeChat 5.1 and StoryCam for WeChat applications are now available for free for both Android via Google Play Store and iOS via App Store. Get them today if you haven't!