Apple Macbook Pro, iPad Mini, and Macbook Air Protective Cases by Tech21, Now Available at Beyond The Box

I was invited by my good friend, Mark of TechPinas to cover the #Tech21PH: Impactology event held at Beyond the Box, Century City Mall in Makati last September 30, 2014. There, Tech 21 introduced its new line of accessories for the Macbook and Macbook Air, iPad, and presented refreshed versions of cases for the iPhone 5S.

Ralph Bawalan, Tech21, Apple Macbook Pro Protective Case, iPad Mini Protective Case, Macbook Air Protective Case

These cases are beyond your typical accessories, and here’s why.

Guilt-Free Protection

Tech21 showed us their new Impact Snap and Flex Shock features. These innovations basically provide advanced impact protection by absorbing and repelling shock from accidental drops away from the 'delicate' shell of iDevices. Flex Shock offers a guaranteed 6 feet advanced impact protection for the iPhone as reflected in its MIL-STD 810G.516.6 to 1.8m/6Ft certification. D30 Impact Material, on the other hand, is an orange impact protection strip that contains molecules which flow freely on normal use, but lock together upon shock or impact, thereby absorbing the force and spreading it through the surface of the material. This patented technology is also present in most of Tech21's cases.

Tech21, Apple Macbook Pro Protective Case, Macbook Air Protective Case

Tech21 uses materials that are scientifically tested to endure drop impact from various heights. But what's cool is that they are also slim- fitting and they an attractive geometric ribbing design. These are unlike typical cases that offer more or less the same level of protection, but have a bulky body and awkward feel.

Tech21, Apple Macbook Pro Protective Case, Macbook Air Protective Case

Durability That Comes With Style and Ease of Use

Putting these accessories on our iDevices is very easy thanks to their convenient “snap on” design. You may choose from a range of colors and unique patterns reflecting your preference and style.

The minimalist feel of the Tech21 cases, without compromising phone buttons and functions, is again another plus for this product. Additionally, Impact Folio Cases feature multiple folio positions (landscape viewing and typing angles) and autowake magnets for a more ergonomic and intuitive use.

Tech21, iPad Mini Protective Case

Seriously (and Surprisingly) Affordable

Tech 21 Impact Snap for Macbook Air retails at Php 3,450 while the one for Macbook Pro is Php 3,650. Tech 21 Impact Folio for the iPad Air, on the other hand, retails at Php 3,250, while the model for iPad Mini Retina goes for Php 2,950. Tech 21 Impactology Cases for the iPhone retails at Php 1,200 to Php 1,250. All of these products are now available at all branches of Beyond the Box, Digital Hub and all leading Apple resellers in the Philippines.

I see my iDevices as true investments and, for me, these cases are an absolute must-have in ensuring my gadgets' longevity by protecting them against accidental drops as well as the knocks and bumps of regular use.

Tech21, Apple iPad Mini Protective Case

What Tech21 Has Taught Me

As a young professional, being introduced to the innovations that the company put into creating these accessories has made me more appreciative of my iPhone's Tech21 case. I learned that Tech21 is not just your run of the mill accessory provider; Their products are reliable and are really scientifically tested to offer utmost protection. Also, I believe Tech 21 has been successful in changing my previous mindset that protection always comes with a compromise; The brand has proven to me that you can protect your gadget using a case and not have to sacrifice style.

Tech21, Apple iPad Mini Protective Case

This article was written by Ralph Bawalan,MSc, a student from UP Manila. Aside from his love of Molecular Biology and Public Health, he is passionate about sharing his insights and ideas about things and issues that matter to him via his Tumblr blog. He loves reading technology news, and currently relies on local tech blogs such as TechPinas for reliable information on product and hardware launches, OS updates, new applications, and other relevant information about the latest gadgets. Ralph is currently finishing his thesis and is eager to discover what the future holds for him both as a blogger and as a practitioner in the field of Science. You can follow him at @iamWALP or visit his blog