Playground BH200 Wireless Earphones Price is Php 1,590 : Cool Wireless Stereo Headphones for Less!

"Once you experience the wonders of a great pair of wireless earphones, it will be hard for you to go back to using regular wired ones -- especially if you live an active lifestyle or you're always on the go. They're that good." That's what I told Sir Nonoy of Playground.PH during my dinner meeting with him several weeks ago.

I added, "But the thing is, most of the wireless headphones available in the market are very expensive. I wish there are more affordable options for budget-conscious consumers here in the Philippines -- including students and yuppies. I also want them to be familiar with all the cool things about these accessories; The freedom that they give you."

To which he replied, "Mark, Playground.PH has wireless earphones in our current line-up that I think you might find interesting. I know you have many young readers and I hope you can share your thoughts about the accessory with them. Let's meet again soon for your unit."

Playground BH200 Wireless Headphones

Well, a couple of weeks back, Sir Nonoy finally handed me a retail package of Playground BH200, which is a pair of wireless earphones made specifically for music lovers who live a sporty or active lifestyle.

Playground BH200 Wireless Headphones

"These are priced at only Php 1,590 - they're very affordable - and they have several cool features, which I'll let you discover," Sir Nonoy told me while handing me the box.

Playground BH200 Wireless Headphones

TP Friends, I started using the BH200 as soon as I arrived home from that meeting with Sir Nonoy and from the get go, I've been very impressed by it.

Before I share with you some of the things I love about these wireless headphones, let's do a quick unboxing. The first three photos in this post depict the accessory's packaging - a simple white box with an image of the earphones and a list of its key features - as well as the complete retail package, which include the following:

Playground BH200 Wireless Headphones
The user guide and the warranty card, guaranteeing after-sales support for the product.

Playground BH200 Wireless Headphones
This cute carrying pouch or container...

Playground BH200 Wireless Headphones which, you'll find the microUSB to USB cable for charging the headphones, extra silicone buds and ear stabilizers in three sizes (S, M, L).

Playground BH200 Wireless Headphones
And finally, of course, we have the Playground BH200 Wireless Earphones.

Playground BH200 Wireless Headphones
I thought the red-and-black extra silicone buds looked really cute - at first sight - so immediately removed the pre-installed ones to use them.

Playground BH200 Wireless Headphones
You can find the microUSB charging port on the casing of the right ear-bud, covered by this neon plastic flap - that also serves as design accent - protecting it against sweat ingress.

Playground BH200 Wireless Headphones
Playground BH200 is one of the few wireless headphones with magnetic clasp so you can wear it like a necklace if you're not using it.

Having used these earphones for a couple of weeks now, let me share with you my eight reasons why I think you guys should check it out:

1. It's very affordable - At Php 1,590, it's truly one of the most affordable wireless headphones you can get in the market.

2. Its sound quality is more than decent - BH200 delivers clear trebles and powerful basses approximating the sound that you'll get from headphones more than twice its price.

3. NFC support - Simply tap the right ear-bud case on the back cover of your NFC-enabled smartphone to pair them and you're good to go.

4. As I've said, it's sweat-resistant - Listen to your favorite tracks while jogging or working out at the gym.

5. You can use the magnetic clasp to wear your BH200 as a necklace and wow your friends.

Playground BH200 Wireless Headphones

6. You can use it for calls too as it has a microphone! Simply click on the middle button to receive a call.

7. BH200's battery life is longer than what most other wireless headphones have. On a full charge, it delivers 8 to 10 hours of non-stop music and 240 hours of standby.

8. And finally, it's being distributed and is partly crafted by a Filipino company. By purchasing your pair, you also help Playground.PH create and support jobs for your fellow Pinoys.

So if you're on tight budget and you're dreaming of owning your first cool pair of wireless earphones, BH200 could be right for you. I believe young (and young-at-heart) consumers will definitely find these headphones a joy to use for music-listening while doing activities, both indoor and outdoor. It's not perfect (I'm sure you can find a few points for improvements when you start using it) but considering its price, I'd say - whatever its limitations are - it still gives great bang for the buck.

For those who are interested, Playground products are available at all major malls nationwide. To know if there's a store carrying these earphones near you (in your city or province), feel free to get in touch with the company via or