Smart Infinity Roaming, Consumable, Tri-Net, and Multi Plans, Launched at the Manila Polo Club

Yesterday - May 19, 2015 - at the Manila Polo Club in Makati City, Smart Communications formally introduced the latest plans for its premium postpaid brand, Smart Infinity, as well as its new ambassadors.

Smart Infinity
(L-R) Ms. Julie Carceller - Head of Smart Infinity, Mika Lagdameo Martinez, Grace Baja, Andi Manzano-Reyes, and Irene Belmonte - Marketing Manager of Smart Infinity

According to Smart Communications - the country's leading wireless services provider, "Life is better and success becomes an easy conquest when you have the perfect partner. The same applies when it comes to choosing your premium postpaid plan. There should be a groove that moves in accordance with your own beat, or an option that brings the balance that works for you. For every lifestyle, Smart Infinity makes sure there is a perfect match for you."

Smart Infinity, Smart Infinity Roaming Consumable Tri-Net Multi Plans

"These new plans are, by far, the most bespoke services we’ve offered in the history of Smart Infinity. This time, we make it even more about our subscribers – their lifestyle, their habits, their needs and aspirations. Just when the growing Infinity family thinks it cannot get more special than what we now have with our existing offers, here come plans that don’t merely mirror your choice of lifestyle but also matches your pace and every requirement," opened Ms. Julie Carceller.

Infinity introduces four new plans that not only complement your daily pursuits, but more importantly help you make things happen.

Smart Infinity
Grace Baja talks about how Smart Infinity's Roaming Plan can help her stay connected the next time she travels around Europe.

The first offer is the Roaming Plan which is perfect for frequent flyers. "Whether your frequent traveling is for business or for pleasure - or even both - this plan is your match because it comes with a host of travel assistance perks that’s perfect for those who are always in transit," said Ms. Irene Belmonte.

Smart Infinity, Grace Baja

The second offer is the Consumable Plan, which has all the flexible elements and the highest volume allocation for LTE. If the first plan is for frequent travelers, the second caters to members who need service that adjusts to their changing mobile behavior. You can continuously switch from service to service without the hassle.

Smart Infinity, Donnie Tantoco, Crickette Tantoco

Option number three, the Tri-Net Plan, is for those who need to constantly stay in touch with their networks. The Plan features unlimited calls and SMS to Smart, Sun, and Talk ‘N Text subscribers, to provide worry-free communication for every moment. "As we say in Infinity, limits are not for achievers," added Belmonte.

Smart Infinity, Andy Manzano Reyes

Finally, the Multi-Plan is all about having multiple lines managed through a single account. The plan includes a calling circle, and all lines enjoy full access to mobile Internet, which enables strengthened connectivity with those closest to you.

Smart Infinity
Mika Lagdameo shares what she thinks are the benefits of Multi-Plan in her role as a wife and mother to two of her amazing kids.

Smart Infinity, Mika Lagdameo Martinez

Aside from these features, Smart Infinity members enjoy other VIP privileges, such as:

VIP Customer Service Smart Infinity members have a dedicated Infinity Relationship Officer*, access to a 24/7 worldwide concierge service, priority in Smart Stores, as well as the option to have their preferred mobile number and a spare SIM.

VIP Network Access Smart Infinity subscribers can rely on the Smart network to enjoy calls and mobile data connectivity, enabling them to maximize the power and advanced features of the latest premium LTE devices that come with their plan.

VIP Rewards and Privileges Smart Infinity members have a whole array of year-round privileges, which can be simply accessed through the Smart Infinity Lifestyle App.

During the event, I asked our friends from Smart Infinity if these new plans will come bundled with gadgets and they said that, indeed, all four will give consumers the current high-end device that they desire. As of writing, the available flagship model options for all new plans are Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and Macbook Air.

I also asked them if these freshly announced plans are meant to supersede their Aspire, Prestige, and Premium Plans and they told me that these will merely give subscribers the option to choose the packages that fit their lifestyle and needs as a consumer better. Essentially, these four won't replace the old ones but rather make them more specific with the unique features mentioned above.