Get Unli FB Access and 3GB of Data for 7 Days with Smart Giga Surf 99 Promo

Smart Communications is not actively promoting this generous promo -- but for those who require mobile connectivity on a daily basis, I hope you guys would try it out as it gives great value for money.

From giving subscibers just 1.5GB of data allocation with an additional 600MB for viewing content on Youtube, iflix, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Dubsmash, and Spinnr, the boosted Smart Giga Surf 99 promo currently offers 3GB of data, Unlimited Facebook Access with Photos, Unlimited FB Messenger, and the same 600MB for video streaming -- with 7 days validity!

Smart Giga Surf 99 Promo

Browsing Facebook on the go - with all those photos - is usually the biggest data hog for mobile consumers. Since this promo already gives you that for free, you can really maximize the use of the 3GB data allocation, which lasts for a whole week.

Personally, as a technology blogger who's always out covering gadget launches and other events around the country, I'm grateful that this promo is available to help me make the most of my hard-earned money for staying connected 24/7. Aside from the Unli FB access that's essential for me for sharing content with my readers and followers in social media, I also appreciate the doubled data allocation, which is more than enough for sending and replying to emails, uploading photos on Instagram, downloading large files from my clients via the cloud, making quick Viber calls, browsing tech news sites, and posting my own blog entries on the go.

I reckon that students, young professionals, SME business owners, and even seasoned corporate achievers - with their unique uses for mobile data - will be able maximize the big services that come bundled with this quietly launched Smart Data Promo. If you want to try out Smart Giga Surf 99, just make sure you have enough load to cover it then text GIGA99 to 2200.

I heard that Smart Giga Surf 99 is a limited time offer so you'd do well to try it out as soon as you can. Here's to hoping that Smart would extend it or even make it a standard data offering for the benefit of all Pinoy mobile consumers.

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