Play EverWing Facebook Game and Get Pinoy Mythical Creatures as Dragon Companions

Blackstorm Labs - the company behind the very successful Facebook game, EverWing - has a cool treat for all 7 Million+ Filipinos who are avid players of the title (myself included, of course)!

Starting on Wednesday - July 19, 2017 - 1PM, Pinoy Mythical Creatures will be included in the line-up of companion dragons that players can hatch, level up, and evolve. This is the first time that Blackstorm offered this local customization in any country across the world!

EverWing Facebook Game

To be specific, five Pinoy mythical creatures will be added to the roster of dragons, each having special qualities. These include:

1. Sarangay - A bull with a muscular body and bejeweled ears
2. Lampong - A bright-eyed deer with a long beard
3. Kiwig - A fierce and fiery pig
4. Buwaya - A crocodile with a saddle on its back
5. Bakunawa - A serpentine dragon.

"This line-up of Philippine dragons is our treat to millions of Filipinos, who are among our most engaged and passionate players in the world. With their distinct characteristics, these Filipino dragons will surely take your game to the next level, so we hope the entire world will enjoy this update," shared Mr. Michael Carter, CEO of Blackstorm Labs.

EverWing Philippines Filipino Mythical Creatures

All the above-mentioned EverWing Pinoy Mythical Creatures will be officially unveiled at the Philippine Dragon Festival, which is being presented by Smart Communications.

According to PLDT and Smart First Vice President and Wireless Consumer Division Head - Mr. Renren Reyes, "Smart is one with EverWing fans and gamers in welcoming this latest line-up of dragons, which draws from the rich Philippine folklore to give the game a uniquely Filipino flavor."

EverWing Facebook Game

Smart Communications has a number of data promos that allow subscribers to play online games, including EverWing, and accomplish other tasks on the internet on the go. One of which is GigaSurf 50, which comes with 1GB of data allocation plus an additional 300MB for video streaming on YouTube and more, as well as Unlimited Text Messages to all networks – valid for three days at only Php 50. To register, just make sure you have enough load to cover it and text GIGA50 to 9999.

To play EverWing, simply make sure you're running the latest version of Facebook and Messenger apps on your smartphone then, visit the Official Game Page. Since EverWing is a highly social game, you'd have to play with your friends or groups on Facebook, challenge them on a weekly tournament, or team up with their group to defeat Bosses. Have fun!

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