Pinoy Smartphone Brands Sell Well Despite Stiff Competition from International Companies

In the face of tremendous advertising and trade marketing efforts by Korean and Chinese handset brands, Proudly-Filipino Mobile Device Makers continue to do well in the Philippine mobile market.

In fact, based on data gathered by IDC within Q2 2017, two Pinoy phone brands managed to make it the list of Top 5 Best-Selling Smartphone Vendors in the country. Amazingly, Cherry Mobile was at the top spot while hotshot CloudFone landed in number 4. They are joined by international players Samsung at #2, OPPO at #3 and Vivo Mobile at #5.

Filipino Smartphone Brand
Always doing its best to offer innovative devices to Filipinos, Cherry Mobile officially launched 'Taiji', which is the first Android smartphone in Southeast Asia to have two displays, in July 2017.

According to the International Data Corporation, "Local vendor share of the smartphone market was down to 41% in Q2 2017 from 49% during the same period last year. Despite the heightened competition from Chinese smartphone vendors, local vendors in the Philippines remain better standing relative to local vendors in neighboring Southeast Asia countries, reflecting the still solid affinity of Filipinos for homegrown smartphone brands. Local vendor shares of the smartphone markets in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia were now down to 19%, 11%, 6%, and 1%, respectively."

They added, "Global vendor shares of the smartphone market in the Philippines remained flat at 27% compared to a year ago, with only Samsung as the only strong performer. Meanwhile, Chinese vendor shares jumped from 15% to 22% YoY." (source)

As a Filipino tech blogger and mobile consumer, I would say that the success of our local smartphone brands can be attributed to these companies' consistent effort to come up with mobile devices that give Filipinos great value for money. To be specific, when you purchase any Android smartphone from Cherry Mobile's best-selling Flare Series or CloudFone's popular Thrill line, you will find yourself spending less money to enjoy some technical specifications and features that are found in more expensive offerings by international brands.

Of course, I'm also proud of the fact that this IDC research proves that Filipinos support their own. Sure, many Pinoy consumers still prefer to bet their money on devices made by multinational companies -- but it's definitely heartening to know a growing number of our countrymen are willing to their take chances on handsets offered by homegrown brands. I'm sure that, at this point, there are even Pinoys who take great pride in owning a device made by Cherry Mobile, CloudFone, MyPhone, Starmobile, and SKK Mobile, among others. And why not? I've worked with these companies and each of them has something special to offer to consumers.

I've always believed in the greatness of Filipinos and looking at IDC's table above, I'm 100% certain that the best is yet to come for our local smartphone industry. Let's keep supporting our own and lifting each other up.

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