VST-ECS CXO Innovation Summit 2019 Experience : Highly Relevant in Today's Digital World

Last October 17 to 19, 2019, at the Shangri-La Boracay Resort and Spa, I graced VST-ECS Philippines' warm invitation to cover their CXO Innovation Summit for this year.

This is the second time for VST-ECS (formerly MSI-ECS), which is one of the longest-running and biggest tech companies in the Philippines, to spearhead the landmark gathering of experts and professionals in the field of network security, big data, cloud computing, and enterprise devices, which has proven to be very useful and informative for all stakeholders.

In 2018, I also got to cover the first ever CXO Summit held at Shangri-La Mactan Hotel Resort in Cebu. The theme last year was "The Next Wave of Digital Transformation".

With the theme "Data Driven Enterprise", CXO Innovation 2019 was primarily focused on harnessing the power big data and providing all delegates with essential tools and knowledge on how to make data work for the benefit their respective companies all while ensuring the safety and security of their consumers.

"There is no doubt that in today's digital economy, most companies if not all are aware of the importance of data and the value it provides. A new culture of data driven decision making has emerged and some have already started to enjoy the rewards of big data," Mr. Jimmy Go, President and CEO of VST-ECS Philippines, shared in his opening remarks for CXO Innovation Summit 2019.

He added, "In the field of media and entertainment, we all know about Netflix. Netflix is the perfect example of [a company that] uses data analytics. With over 100 Million subscribers, it collects big data to track your viewing patterns and if you are a subscriber, you've probably received some suggestions on the next movie that you should be watching. In retail, Amazon is another good example when it comes to applying big data for product recommendations based on past searches on its platform. Through predictive analytics, Amazon and other retailers are able to accurately predict what you are more likely to purchase next. Other retailers also use changes in weather to determine any pattern in product demands. In the field of healthcare, historical data from healthcare providers is also used to identify, analyze, and detect certain risk factors in patients. In education, big data is also helping a lot of [academic institutions] in understanding unique educational needs of students by integrating traditional practices with online environments. This allows educations to monitor and assess the progress of their students and identify the gap in the learning process. These are some scenario on how big data has changed the business landscape."

"While we all agree that there's now a rapid stream of data from mobile devices and social network connected machines, what really counts is quality of data. How do you identify the quality of data? How do you manage and organize them? Where do you begin your data analysis? What tools are you going to use to analyze them? And once again, once the data is collected, what would you like to do with it? Optimize operations? Reduce costs and identify new revenue streams? These and more will tackled on this summit. The line-up of our presentations from our industry experts and solution providers have been crafted to make sure that they able to address and satisfy your curiosity and challenges in becoming a data driven enterprise. Two of our plenary sponsors have even invited their customers to share their real world experience. Their unique stories will give us a glimpse of their digital transformation journey. There will also be topics on AI, IoT, Machine Learning, The Next Generation Data Center, The New Breed of Workforce Demanding a Smart Office, and The Workplace of the Future. Of course, we will also be covering data analytics, data optimization, and emerging cloud technology. So we really have a lot of topics to tackle. Lastly, let us not forget the importance of security, governance, and most importantly, the friendship and partnership that we are building together. Truly, there is so much that we can achieve from this summit and VST-ECS as a Philippine distributor will continue to lead the ICT industry with the availability of solutions and services. So I invite you to collaborate and seize this opportunity to answer your questions. I am confident that new ideas that will emerge as a result of your discussions with most of the key persons in the respective vendors. As we find ways to unlock the power of data, let us always remember the legal and ethical practices that we should adhere to," Mr. Go wrapped up.

Day 1 of CXO Innovation Summit 2019 was all about networking as delegates from various companies in different sectors and members of the media got the chance to try out the products and learn more about the services of VSTECS' partner brands in their respective exhibit booths.

Samsung Business Solutions

Schneider Electric


IBM Business Partner

Huawei Smart Solutions

Hewlett Packard (HP) Enterprise

Dell Technologies


Aruba: A Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Company


Trend Micro


Asus Enterprise Devices

Asus Technologies


SAS: The Power To Know


Microsoft Corporation

Juniper Networks





Lenovo Data Center Group

Lenovo Enterprise Devices

On Day 1, I also got the chance to attend Lenovo Philippines' break-out session where they discussed and showcased their devices for the enterprise market including the powerful specs and security features of latest ThinkPad notebook models and ThinkCentre workstations.

Their presentation on the new Lenovo ThinkBook 13S which addresses the needs of millennials in the workplace was particularly interesting. Basically, the company shared how they crafted these laptops to match the requirements of a new breed of workers in the today's smart office. You can learn more about it by watching the video below.

The clear highlight of CXO Innovation Summit 2019 - for me - was the panel interview of the members of the media and tech bloggers with the movers and shakers of the tech industry in the field of Big Data, AI, Cloud Computing, Network Security, Enterprise Devices, and Machine Learning, among others.

If you are interested in these topics, I invite you to watch my full video of this highly informative and relevant discussion below:

Day 2 of CXO Innovation Summit 2019 was filled with keynote presentations by the panel sponsors of the events and key partners of VST-ECS.


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