BDO Hotline Number Support Told Me The Truth About BDO Online Banking Real-Time Money Transfer Cancellation

Yesterday - September 17, 2020, I learned two important things as a BDO Savings Account holder who has also registered to BDO Online Banking service. I thought of blogging about this for the benefit of my fellow BDO account holders.

First, the easiest, fastest, and best way to get support from BDO in case you encounter any problem regarding your account during this ongoing pandemic is still through their hotline number 8631800, which you can call through landline or your Smart, Sun, Talk N Text, Globe, or TM mobile number.

When I needed help in resolving a money transfer issue I encountered via Online Banking, I sent BDO an email at and until now, more than 24 hours later, I still haven't got a reply. I think it's because their customer support team has a limited workforce due to the quarantine and that's to be expected.

BDO Hotline Number

The second thing I learned, which the support staff at BDO Hotline number told me, is that Real-Time money transfer from one BDO account to another through Online Banking can not be canceled once completed. So you have to be 100% sure before sending money through this method.

She told me that, as mandated by Bank Secrecy Law, BDO can not cancel Money Transfer and put the amount back to my account since the transaction has been processed. Prior to this, I've always thought that banks can cancel online money transfer if the recipient hasn't withdrawn the cash. Thanks to that call, I learned something new.

"In BDO Online Banking real-time money transfer from one BDO account to another BDO account, the only way you can get your money back is if you ask the recipient to transfer the money again to you," she said.

BDO Fund Transfer

What happened exactly, you ask?

Yesterday, one of my favorite sellers on Carousell sent me photos of his pair of Adidas Superstar shoes and offered them to me with a big discount. At first glance, I liked what I saw so I immediately sent the payment.

However, after a few minutes of mulling over it, I sort of changed my mind and wanted to cancel the transaction first so I could have more time to scrutinize the pair. I know I should have thought about it first before making that jump but hey, I'm only human. I didn't think I could still make that mistake at my age but obviously, I'm still a work in progress. Another lesson learned.

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