Mr. Speedy Review : Affordable, Fast, and Reliable Door-to-Door Motorcycle Delivery Service

Mr. Speedy door-to-door delivery has only been available in the Philippines since mid-2019 but it's already gaining popularity among many Filipinos because of the quality of their service.

Personally, I only started using Mr. Speedy around April 2020 after a seller on Carousell recommended it to me so we could save on the delivery fee of an item that I purchased from him.

Mr Speedy Delivery

So far, I've been so impressed with the speed, reliability, and affordability of Mr. Speedy's delivery service that I decided to write this quick review article for those who are currently looking for a good alternative to GrabExpress, Lalamove, Angkas, or Joyride in getting their products or other items delivered amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and the community quarantine.

Mr Speedy Delivery

Mobile Application

The first thing I really like about Mr. Speedy is their mobile which is simple, uncomplicated, and very easy to use. There are no unnecessary graphics, texts, or ads that take away from the experience. It's straightforward and intuitive.

You can download the app for free via Apple App Store if you're using an iPhone or Google Play Store if you're using an Android smartphone.

When placing an order, you just need to type in the address, name, and contact details of the recipient. More often than not, the integrated maps (Google Maps, I believe) will instantly pick-up the location for more accurate pricing.

Currently, Mr. Speedy application only supports account creation through mobile number but I hope that eventually, it can support Facebook or Google account log-in.

Mr Speedy Delivery


Anyone who has used Mr. Speedy will tell you that their door-to-door motorcycle delivery rates are very affordable and competitive.

In fact, I have once purchased an item from a seller in Novaliches East and Mr. Speedy only charged me PHP 175 for its delivery to our house in Tondo, Manila. I was shocked at how cheap it was since GrabExpress Instant was charging me PHP 321 for the same delivery. I checked Lalamove and Angkas as well and Mr. Speedy was still more affordable.

Mr Speedy Delivery

To be fair to GrabExpress, though, sometimes their rates are cheaper than Mr. Speedy, especially in shorter distances. So there have been times that I chose them over their competitors on this merit alone.

Based on my experience, Mr. Speedy and GrabExpress tend to offer the most competitive instant delivery rates currently. However, I'm sure that the other companies are also doing their best to lower their prices to make their service more attractive to consumers. That's the beauty of competition in the market, I think.

Side Note: Based on the declared value of the item that will be delivered, Mr. Speedy automatically adds an Indemnity Fee to cover insurance compensation in the event of damage or loss up to an amount of PHP 10,000. Indemnification is optional and you can skip it by declaring "zero" value for your item but if you do this, needless to say, you won't enjoy delivery insurance.

Mr Speedy Delivery

Speed and Reliability

I have used Mr. Speedy instant delivery around five times since April and it was mostly for the delivery of sneakers that I purchased on Carousell.

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In all of those transactions, I've never experienced hiccups or delays. Most of them only took less than an hour since most of the deliveries were within Metro Manila. The longest one was around two hours and that was for the item that came from Novaliches East, North Caloocan.

Mr Speedy Delivery

I also appreciate the fact that I could monitor the location of the driver in real-time through the mobile app so I know exactly where they are and I could properly estimate how it would take them to arrive at our home.

Mr Speedy Delivery


So far, I haven't encountered a rude, forever-clueless, or nasty Mr. Speedy driver. They know how to follow map directions well and they are quite courteous.

Perhaps, the worst one I've dealt with on Mr. Speedy was a driver who texted me that he couldn't pick up the item because he encountered a problem with his motorcycle. He texted me that he would appreciate if I could cancel the order since he will pay a cancellation fee if he does it himself but he did offer to send me photos of his motorcycle as to prove that he wasn't lying. See? It wasn't so bad. I simply booked a new rider.

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Points for Improvement

Overall, I find Mr. Speedy's service rather impressive.

However, I must say that they should at least give their riders some sort of uniform and put brand stickers on their motorcycles. Frankly, they are quite hard to instantly spot in a pool of other riders. I'm also not sure if the riders already have a Mr. Speedy Identification Card; The ones I've transacted with never showed me one. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

As for the mobile application, they should add Facebook log-in option and make it possible to communicate with the riders through a dedicated Message section within each transaction. I've seen those features on other competitors' apps and I hope Mr. Speedy can have those too.


Even if it's still a diamond in the rough, Mr. Speedy is an instant delivery service that I am currently inclined to recommend. Their rates are good and their service is reliable. They also force their competitors to shape up and become better, which is always great for consumers.

If they can continue to improve their application to become more intuitive, give uniforms to their riders, explore other delivery services including food and heavy items, and keep their affordable price proposition despite their success, Mr. Speedy will consistently get my two thumbs up.

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