Mobile Legends S.T.U.N. Skin for Chou, Now Available! Selena and Brody STUN Skins, Previewed!

To help drum up excitement for their upcoming 515 Party Event, Moonton - the Chinese video game developer and publisher of Mobile Legends Bang Bang - is launching new and exclusive skins for at least three of the most loved ML heroes!

The release of these skins coincides with a web event featuring 360° technology where you can explore the studio of the upcoming musical band S.T.U.N., which the three heroes will be a part of.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang STUN Skin Chou Brody Selena

The band S.T.U.N. - which stands for Strength, Tactic, Unity, and Novelty - currently includes Fighter Chou, Assassin Selena, and Marksman Brody. Although, we are not sure if more heroes will be part of the roster in the future.

If you notice, the band members are also known for having "stun" as an essential part of their gameplay. I guess this is why I am expecting more heroes with the same skill - like Eudora or Hylos - to be included in the future -- but I am not holding my breath for it.

On April 27, 2021, Moonton formally introduced a new loading screen design that previews the upcoming S.T.U.N. band member skins for the three abovementioned heroes. The skins show them wearing streetwear and with modern hairstyles that I'm sure will greatly appeal to the young players of the game.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang STUN Skin Chou

On the same date, Moonton made the S.T.U.N. skin for Chou available for purchase.

If you already own this well-loved hero, you can get the skin for 629 Diamonds. You can purchase it by going to the Skin section of the Shop page since it's not yet being shown in the Heroes page.

As of writing, Moonton has yet to officially announce the release date of the S.T.U.N skins for Selena and Brody. Stay tuned for updates!

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