Mobile Legends Hacker Changed My Philippine Flag to Indonesian Flag and Kept Playing My Account

It may sound rather odd or counterintuitive but I play Mobile Legends Bang Bang as a way to destress during my daily work breaks.

I guess it's my way to let out all the tension in my mind and body when my workload gets too much. We all need something like that amidst this pandemic.

As such, I can say that my MLBB account has been of great use for me not just when I'm reviewing the gaming performance of new smartphones. It has become a reliable companion for staying relaxed and sane.

Mobile Legends Hacker

That's why I felt so angry and disturbed when I saw a hacker brazenly playing my Mobile Legends Bang Bang account when I launched the game on one of my smartphones last week, as shown in the image above.

Mobile Legends Hacker

This hacker even had the audacity to change the Philippine flag in my User Profile to the Indonesian flag. I guess it's because he or she is from that country but I'm not sure and I don't really want to make final conclusions based on that information.

Mobile Legends Hacker

So how did this hacker get into my account?

He must have gotten my Moonton password somewhere and used it to log in. Then, he or she linked his Google Play email account, which is akun.w6***, to access my gaming account anytime he wanted.

So why wasn't he or she able to completely steal my account?

Well, I used my Gmail account with Two-Step Log-in Verification Process (via SMS) to create my MLBB account. So even if the hacker knew my Moonton password, he or she couldn't really change it as the procedure requires getting a code from my Gmail account, which remained unhackable.

I guess the lesson here is, always turn on Two-Step Log-in Verification for all your important online accounts. It can truly save your behind.

Mobile Legends Hacker

Thankfully, I was able to log in to my MLBB account when he finally stopped playing (he played for a good two hours straight and even bought a hero using the Battle Points I've been saving) and I used that window to log out of all connected devices, to change my Moonton password, and finally, to disconnect the hacker's Google Play account from my profile. I'll talk about the process in greater detail in a separate post so stay tuned for that.

Have you encountered a similar issue in your Mobile Legends Bang Bang experience? Has someone tried to hack or succeeded in hacking your account? Did the hacker also change your Philippine flag to the Indonesian flag? Were you able to get your account back or not? Share your story in the comment section below. Let's talk!

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