How To Stop Videos from Automatically Playing on Facebook App for Android

Whether it's for saving mobile data allocation or for privacy reasons, knowing how to turn off Video AutoPlay on your Facebook App - I think - is something every social media user should know.

Good thing it's actually very easy to do.

Let TechPinas show you how. Here's a step-by-step guide.

Facebook App Video

1. Log in to your FB account and go to Menu by tapping on the sandwich icon on top of the app as shown in the image below.

Facebook App Menu

2. To go to Settings, simply tap on the Cog icon as shown above.

Facebook App Media Settings

3. Scroll down. Then, tap on "Media and Contacts".

4. Under Media and Contacts settings, go to "Autoplay".

Facebook Video AutoPlay

5. Here, you can choose when you want videos to automatically play on your News Feed or Timeline. You can choose to have them play only when you're connected to WiFi or you can turn off autoplay completely. To do the latter, simply tick on "Never Autoplay Videos" as shown in the image below.

Facebook App Never AutoPlay Video

Changes will be automatically changed.

By doing this, you can have peace of mind that your data won't be depleted by automatic playback of videos on the FB app that you don't even want to see. Also, if you don't want random videos to start playing on your News Feed when you're with friends and loved ones, this will give you better control of your Facebook mobile app experience.

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