How To Increase Credit Score in Mobile Legends To Play Classic and Ranked Games

Has your Credit Score on Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) become too low that you can no longer play Classic and Ranked games?

Well, whatever the reason for your low mark - be it slow connection, inappropriate game behavior, or using heroes you are unfamiliar with, TechPinas is here to help.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Credit Score
You need a Credit Score of at least 60 to play Classic, Brawl, and Arcade MLBB games and at least 90 to play Ranked ones.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Credit Score

Thankfully, it's quite easy to increase your Credit Score but you do need time to boost your mark. I mean, it doesn't happen instantly.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang VS AI

The first way to increase your score is to simply log in to Mobile Legends Bang Bang daily. You will get +1 score just for doing this.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang VS AI Simple Normal

If your Credit Score is below 60, you need to play lots of VS AI games to slowly increase it. This is the second method. Joining and completing one VS AI battle will give you +1 Credit Score, no matter if you win or lose.

How To Increase Mobile Legends Bang Bang Credit Score

Frankly, the quickest way to increase your MLBB Credit Score is to just play successive VS AI games in Simple Mode, which takes around 10 to 15 minutes per game. However, take note that each account has a different Daily Credit Score Restoration Limit.

Mobile Legends Appeal

If your Credit Score still allows you to play Classic Games but you are having internet connection problems that can lead you to go AFK, make sure that you check Report Mail Messages in your Mailbox for Penalties and Reports. Appeal each case - as shown in the image above - and cross your fingers that your Credit Score won't take a big hit for it.

To wrap up, let me share an MLBB Credit Score Trivia:

The highest Credit Score you can get in this game is 110. Getting this mark allows you to gain up to 8,500 Battle Points for a week, 10% more BPs for each match, and it also also unlocks Sylvanna "Future Cop" skin! You can get the ticket for this exclusive skin by going to Profile - Battlefield - Credit Score -  My Score.

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