Smart Power All 99 and 149 Give You 8GB and 12GB Data, Respectively, Plus Unli TikTok and Unli All-Net Texts

Smart Communications, Inc. is giving subscribers the power to choose how they make the most of their day and the power to enjoy unlimited entertainment with the unveiling of the new Smart Power All 99 and Smart Power All 149 offers for prepaid subscribers.

With Power All 99 and 149, Smart Prepaid enables subscribers to fluidly adapt to a hybrid world – needing online access to school, work, responsibilities, hobbies, and everything in between. 

Because they cannot settle for bite-sized promos that feature only limited access to specific online activities, Smart Prepaid’s solution is to give subscribers the power to do what they want with Smart Power All 99, which comes with 8 GB for all sites and apps, Unli TikTok, and Unli Texts to All Networks valid for 7 days for only PHP 99.

On the other hand, Smart Power All 149 gives subscribers 12GB data for all sites, Unli TikTok, and Unli SMS to all networks valid for 7 days.

Smart Power All 99 Promo

“Power All 99 comes at a crucial time when many Filipinos have taken their daily activities online and therefore need a value-packed offer that gives them the power to choose and enjoy all their favorite digital activities however they want. This is just one of the many ways we empower subscribers to live more on the back of our superior network,” said Mr. Francis E. Flores, SVP and Head of Consumer Business Wireless - Individual at Smart.

Get the power to choose with data for all sites and apps

Subscribers can use Power All 99 for a wide range of productivity apps at work or school, or for their choice of entertainment on-the-go – whether through streaming videos, listening to music and podcasts, or playing mobile games.

They can also use their huge open access data to browse their favorite websites, share content on social media, make video calls using their favorite apps, and access essential digital services such as e-banking, food delivery, and online shopping.

Get the power to enjoy unlimited fun with Unli TikTok

Power All 99 also comes with Unli TikTok, so subscribers can enjoy the widely popular app to watch trending videos and uploads by of their favorite content creators - from dance and song covers, food and product reviews, DIY projects, funny pet reels, and mini-vlogs, among other interesting content.

With Unli TikTok, they can access all the fun and enjoyment the app has to offer practically anytime and anywhere – during their commute, mini-breaks, between errands, or their me-time at the end of the day.

Power All 99 also features Unli Text to All Networks so subscribers can stay in touch with their loved ones and friends all the time, no matter their service provider. Subscribers can also enjoy a bigger data allocation of 12 GB of data for all sites, Unli TikTok and Unli Calls to All Networks when they register to Power All 149.

Smart Prepaid subscribers may register to Smart Power All 99 by logging into the GigaLife App or their go-to mobile wallet app, by dialing *123#, or by heading to the nearest retailer or convenience store.

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