Quezon High School in Bohol Receives Teaching Materials From Cherry Cares by MSN Foundation Inc.

With education at the heart of Cherry Cares by MSN Foundation Inc., the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of Pinoy Tech Giant CHERRY continuously provides added support to the academic sector by being in the van of related initiatives such as in the donation of teaching materials to Quezon High School in Batuan, Bohol.

Quezon High School is currently maneuvering around the blended learning setup and is in need of additional equipment to meet the high volume of modules that are to be essentially produced, and other day-to-day requirements—fueled by the goal to continue delivering quality education to the students. To support this cause, Cherry Cares by MSN Foundation Inc. donated five (5) printers as well as a projector with manual pull down projector screen on September 16, 2022.

Cherry Cares by MSN Foundation Inc. Quezon High School Batuan, Bohol.

“The donation of these equipment is very timely now that classes are held through blended learning. This will help our teachers accomplish their tasks a lot faster and more efficiently which in turn, our students will benefit from,” says, Ms. Zenaida Vallente, Principal, Quezon High School.

In support for the recent back-to-school, Cherry Cares by MSN Foundation Inc. has also taken the lead in other education-related projects such as Be Cool in School, an initiative in partnership with the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP).

“It has always been our goal to make education accessible to Filipino students. As much as possible, we try to extend our reach to rural communities and far-flung areas,” says Ms. Agnes Conopio, PR-CSR Head, CHERRY.

CHERRY caRES is the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principle of Cherry Mobile that stands for Customers, nAtural Resources, Employees, and Society. It embodies the deep desire of the company to give back, share, care, and create a positive impact not just for its own people but more for the greater whole. Since 2011, CHERRY caREs laid the groundwork for the establishment of MSN Foundation, now the corporate foundation of CHERRY. It has spun various education, health, environment, livelihood, and community development programs in the hope of improving lives and igniting change in the nation one community at a time.

To know more about Cherry Cares by MSN Foundation Inc. and its other programs in various sectors, visit Cherry Cares by MSN Foundation Inc. Facebook Page.

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